Why Hire a Lawyer?

A lawyer can investigate the circumstances of the accident, establish liability and support your case through evidence.

Hiring a lawyer might seem unnecessary for some personal injury victims. They might think that their case is not worth the effort, time and money or that their insurance company will cover the costs anyway, without legal assistance. Of course, that can be true to a certain degree. But what happens if there is a dispute regarding the liability for the accident, if the insurance company is willing to pay less than the actual extent of the damages, or if the victim is too severely injured to handle things on his own?

Having a lawyer on your side-can make all the difference

Despite common belief insurance companies do not actually represent their clients. They are profit-oriented corporations, whose interest is to offer as little as possible for compensation. Insurance companies also have some of the best lawyers representing their interests. This is the system accident victims face in a traumatizing moment of their lives. So, here are some reasons why hiring a lawyer as soon as possible after an accident is in every victim's interest:

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