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Pharmaceutical companies are required to test their products thoroughly for safety before they are given FDA approval.

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Defective Drugs Statistics

Adverse drug effects (ADE) are a serious public health problem. Often, drugs are not properly tested or their side effects are not reported, even if the drug producers usually know about the medication's potential to hurt. Drug companies are required to test their products thoroughly for safety before they are given FDA approval, but even so, many pharmaceuticals end up being recalled and labeled as extremely dangerous. The cases of adverse drug events will likely grow due to:

Statistics from the CDC show that:


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Why Hire a Pharmaceutical Litigation Lawyer?

Product liability is an area of personal injury law that deals with injuries caused by defective products. Pharmaceutical litigation...

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What Damages Can I Recover from a Pharmaceutical Litigation?

Pharmaceutical litigation involves legal claims against drug manufacturing companies filed by victims who suffered serious side effects or injuries due to a dangerous drug. These lawsuits can be filed in one of the following situations: the severe...

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Are Individual or Class Action Lawsuits More Appropriate for Me?

Defective drugs can cause serious injuries to patients and when that happens, they are entitled to monetary compensation. Injured patients can file pharmaceutical lawsuits against manufacturing companies either as individual lawsuits or as part of a class action...

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What Side Effects Can Occur after Taking Dangerous Medication?

Each year, about 4.5 million Americans visit their doctor’s office or the emergency room because of adverse prescription drug side effects. Even if your doctor prescribed you the medication that you would require, please check FDA's recalls, market withdrawals & safety...

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What Is The Black Box Warning?

The black box warning, or boxed warning, is FDA's strongest warning that requires a pharmaceutical company to place a boxed warning on the labeling of a prescription drugs, or in literature describing it. The warning signifies that medical studies indicate that the drug carries a...

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