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Do I Need an Attorney Following My Rear-End Accident?

Yes, it is essential to contact an attorney if your rear-end accident caused severe personal injuries or serious property damage. You may wish to recover economic and non-economic damages, and an attorney is the most qualified to represent your interests against the insurance companies.

Hiring an experienced auto accident attorney following your rear-end accident is essential, especially if you sustained severe personal injuries or consistent property damage. While health insurance or personal injury protection insurance covers the medical expenses related to the accident, a severe crash will result in more than just medical bills. If you are interested in recovering lost wages or non-economic damages like pain and suffering, hiring an attorney is highly recommended.

Besides, some rear-end collision accidents may be complicated and proving your innocence or partial fault may be difficult.

At the Law Offices of Sean M. Cleary, we negotiate with the other driver's insurance company on your behalf doing our best to obtain proper compensation. If however negotiations fail, we can file a personal injury lawsuit. During the legal procedures, we also hire expert witnesses to testify regarding the severity of your injuries, and we work together with accident reconstruction specialists who often help to present the truth to the judge or jury and obtain a favorable verdict. Call our Miami based office today at 305.416.9805.

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