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A Part of My Knee Implant Has Broken. What Can I Do to Find out Whose Fault It Is?

If your doctor and the surgeon who has performed the surgery they tell you that the rupture is the result of a manufacturing error, contact the manufacturer and request a materials expert’s opinion. Together with an experienced attorney, experts can assess whether you should file a knee replacement lawsuit.

First, you should talk to your doctor and to the surgeon who has performed the surgery and see what their opinion is. If they tell you that the rupture of that specific component of the knee implant is the result of a manufacturing error, we advise you to contact the manufacturer. He should be able to provide you with a capable materials expert to let you know who is guilty of the complication that has appeared. Materials engineers can tell how the component broke and why, just by examining the aspect of the section where the rupture happened.

It is important to know that such experts can have a say if you decide to file a knee replacement lawsuit. If they have been notified or have observed that something is wrong, the law clearly states that they can write an analysis report, that will be taken into consideration by the judge.

If the manufacturer is not collaborating with a materials engineer, you have nothing to worry about because we can help you with this case. Our lawyers are experienced, capable and always ready to win the case for you.

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