Should I Replace the Safety Seat If My Child and I Have Been in a Crash?

After even a minor car accident, the structural integrity and overall safety of a car seat may be compromised, even if the damage is not visible to the naked eye. Parts may have been dislodged or loosened, at is it generally recommended that you replace the safety seat after a car crash.

Many parents wonder, after being involved in a car accident, if they need to replace the car seats. What they should know is that even a minor accident can affect the car seat and they are advised to replace it. Structural integrity may be compromised, some damage cannot be noticed with the naked eye, therefore affecting your child's safety. A seat involved in a car accident may not have distinguishable signs of damage, but it surely will not be as effective in a future car crash. Also, a damaged part of the car seat may endanger your child's life.

The car seats should be replaced even if the child was not sitting there during the accident. The impact during a car crash could cause serious damage to the seat and if you continue to use it, at a second impact it is likely that your kid will get hurt.

In addition, not replacing the car seats after an accident will make it really difficult for us or anybody else to help you win a case based on a car crash resulting in the injury of a kid or worse.

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