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Can You Receive Compensation for Minor Injuries in Miami?

Yes, you can receive compensation for minor injuries but your claim could have a small value. However, for certain body areas like the neck, even a small injury can cause severe pain, and the healing process can be long and challenging. Therefore, even if your injuries were minor, you should be entitled to compensation for your medical costs, for lost wages, for pain and suffering, and for any other losses.

Minor injuries are usually the ones where no bones were broken, and no serious harm was brought on those involved.

Many people who have suffered a minor injury don't even think about making a claim. However, if the injury is seriously affecting your life, we can help you claim the compensation you deserve.

For example, injuries that may disrupt your life are neck and back injuries, soft tissue injuries, cuts, and contusions. You may still require time off work for these injuries, and they may cause minor scarring and travel anxiety. Even if your injuries are minor, you can still seek a monetary award.

Moreover, to seek damages recovery, injuries do not even need to be physical. For instance, if you have been subjected to emotional distress, you are still entitled to obtain financial support. In general, in personal injury claims, you receive compensation for medical expenses (no matter the amount), and in the case of extreme carelessness, even punitive damages (known as exemplary damages) can be recovered to deter bad actions of future wrongdoers.

If you’re unsure as to whether you might have a case, get in touch with our Miami based law firm, and we will answer any questions you have and inform you on your chances of receiving compensation.

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