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If you or a family member contracted a serious disease or infection from a hospital in Florida, contact our lawyer immediately for a free case evaluation.

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We'll privately investigate your case by examining medical records. If hospital negligence caused your injuries, we'll help you get answers and monetary compensation.

Sean M. Cleary
Miami Hospital Contracted Disease Lawyer

On any given day, about one in 25 patients in Florida have at least one hospital contracted infection. Every year, the estimated number of hospital-caused infections in Florida is approximately 1.7 million: 33K among newborns in high-risk nurseries, 19K among newborns in well-baby nurseries, 417K among adults and children in intensive care units, and over 1 million among adults and children outside of intensive care units. The estimated deaths associated with hospital contracted diseases and infections are 98K: of these, 35K are for pneumonia, 30K for bloodstream infections, 13K for urinary tract infections, 8K for surgical site infections, and 11K for other types of infections.


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