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Sean M. Cleary
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Side effects and injuries caused by taking unsafe medication, are a serious public health problem. CDC reports that 82% of adults use daily at least one prescription or over the counter drug, and 29% take five or more prescription medication. Side effects to medication cause death, hospitalization, or serious injury in over 2 million people in the US each year, including over 100k fatalities. Often, drugs are not adequately tested, or their side effects are not reported. Pharmaceutical companies are required to test their drugs thoroughly for safety before obtaining the FDA approval, but even so, many drugs were recalled and labeled as dangerous after they were released and used.

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Common Pharmaceuticals Questions

What Is The Black Box Warning? »

The black box warning is known as the strictest warning printed on the label of drug products and prescription drugs by the FDA (The Food and Drug Administration). These warnings are generally found on the drugs' label when the aforementioned drug has been associated with certain health hazards repeatedly and it presents the risks or adverse effects associated with use, as revealed by medical studies.

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Are Individual or Class Action Lawsuits More Appropriate for Me? »

It is important to know whether you should opt for an individual or for a class action lawsuit. Joining class action lawsuits may be more efficient for patients who suffered minor to moderate injuries. If the use of a certain pharmaceutical product resulted in severe injuries or even wrongful death, patients or relatives are advised to file individual lawsuits.

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What Damages Can I Recover from a Pharmaceutical Litigation? »

Victims of defective drugs can be compensated for their medical expenses, lost earnings, pain and suffering, future medical care and loss of earning capacity. Depending on whether there were other factors involved, the age of the patient, the severity of the injury etc., damages differ greatly.

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