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Vehicles Prone to Rollover - 15-Passenger Vans

If you or a loved one has been injured in a 15-passenger van accident, contact us to speak with a skilled Miami car accident lawyer.

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  • We work with top roadway accident experts.
  • We determine responsibility for your van accident.
  • We rely on the observations of engineers and other expert witnesses.
  • We study all the facts pertaining to your accident.
  • We build a strong case against the responsible party.
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15-passenger Van Rollover Danger

Prone to Rollover. Buses.

Reports show that 15 passenger vans, like those used to transport college athletic teams, church groups, or vanpools, have a markedly greater risk of rolling over when loaded with passengers. NHTSA issued a warning when a study concluded vans are three times more prone to go over when transporting 10 or more passengers than when carrying lighter loads. According to NHTSA traffic safety facts, the number of van occupant fatalities increased by 95 compared with previous years, a 9.3% increase. In Florida in recent years, the percent of van crash deaths was slightly decreased from in the early 2010s.


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