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Quadriplegia also known as tetraplegia is paralysis of the lower limbs, upper limbs, torso and pelvic organs. Patients usually loose both sensation and control in the affected areas of the body. Injuries above the C-4 level may require a ventilator or electrical implant for the person to breathe. The condition can be caused by illness or injury to the spinal cord or brain. Affected patients have major sensory and motor deficits, so the immediate goal of treatment is to prevent complications and maintain the integrity of the body system.

Attorney Sean M. Cleary knows that no matter what the final outcome of the injury will be, there is no doubt that victims and their families face a highly demanding period. Medical costs can be overwhelming, including long-term medical care. Besides physical and emotional pain patients will be unable to work and will need long-term assistance from a family member or registered nurse. They will have to make complex lifestyle changes and modify their apartments for wheelchair access.


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What kind of compensation can I seek as a paralysis and/or quadriplegic victim?

There are many types of compensations that a quadriplegic victim can seek, depending on how the accident occurred and whose fault it was. Quadriplegia is a serious medical condition caused by a traumatic spinal cord injury, which can result in a significant or total loss of sensation...

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Why is an attorney necessary in the case of an accident that caused quadriplegia?

In the case of an accident that caused quadriplegia and involved another person's negligence, the victim should contact a personal injury attorney. The lawyer will investigate the case, gather evidence, talk to witnesses to prove that the defendant is legally...

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How much do The Law Offices of Sean M. Cleary charge for representation in a quadriplegia case?

Personal injury lawyers are paid on a contingency fee. This means that you will not have to pay Mr. Sean M. Cleary by the hour. You can come and talk to us about the case and you will not be charged for that even if it takes 15 minutes, 30 minutes, or several...

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How long will my quadriplegia case last?

Unfortunately, personal injury cases can take quite some time until they are settled. They usually take from one year to two years on an average. Why does it take so long? Because there are many steps that have to be made, from gathering all the needed information...

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Do I have to go to trial for my quadriplegia claim?

Sometimes personal injury cases can be settled outside the courtroom, but there are situations when the cases need to be taken to trial. This happens when there are too many contentious issues such as damages, liability, the credibility of the parties or causation....

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