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If reasonable security is not provided owners could be held liable for sexual/physical assaults suffered on their property.

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I couldn't be happier with the legal representation and work Sean gave to the organization I represent. He was a thoughtful, professional partner in an extremely difficult situation that at times seemed hopeless but reached a successful end with all parties agreeable with the outcome. A very difficult navigation that Sean was able to help lead us through. We are thankful for his help, and I highly recommend Sean when looking for legal services.

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If you have a problem or have been wronged, Sean Cleary is the man to talk to. Had a fantastic experience with Sean and all of the friendly, helpful and professional staff of the firm. If Sean accepts you as a client and agrees to represent you, you'll be in the best of hands.

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My wife and I were referred to Sean Cleary by another Attorney. He was very highly recommended and, I must say, very deservedly so. Sean is very diligent in his work; his preparation is phenomenal and his presentations are something to behold. He is very accessible if you have any questions. He always takes the time to fully explain in language you can understand. We highly recommend anyone needing to Sean Cleary.

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Sean is an outstanding professional, transparent and very diligent; he personally dedicated time and attention to my case; he always responded my calls promptly, keeping me informed all the time. His knowledge and advises are very accurate and valuable. Definitely, great lawyer.

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I would highly recommend Sean Cleary. Not only is he a very knowledgeable attorney he takes the time to explain the law to ensure you understand every aspect of your case. He is also very sensitive to the needs of you and or your family during very trying times.

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From day one, Mr. Cleary had faith in my case. He paid attention to every detail with great professionalism. He did not shy away from any challenges and went the extra mile to provide what he promised.

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Highly recommended. Sean is smart, conscientious, detail-oriented and extremely knowledgeable in his field. Always gets excellent results for his clients.

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Physical/Sexual Assault

The National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey revealed for 2010 the following statistics: 1 in 6 women in Florida has been raped at some point in their lives; more than 40% of women living have been a victim of sexual violence (other than rape); almost 80% of female victims who have been raped more than once experienced the first rape before the age of 25 while almost 42% were under the age of 18 at the time of the first rape; around 20% of men living in Florida have been victimized by sexual violence (other than rape); more than 25% of male victims who have been raped at least once, experienced the first rape at the age of 10.


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What Obligations Do Property Owners Have in Physical and Sexual Assault Cases? »

The obligations of property owners in physical and sexual assault cases consist of their legal duty to exercise reasonable care and to ensure persons are protected from the risk of harm while on the owners’ property. Failure to ensure certain standards of safety that lead to such an incident will trigger severe financial penalties for the property owners.

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