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What Happens After a Case Is Settled?

After a case is settled, meaning that the case did not go to trial, the attorneys receive the settlement funds, they prepare a final closing statement, and they give the money to their clients. Once the attorney gets the settlement check, the clients will also receive their balance check.

There are usually two ways to get compensation from those who are at fault after an accident or injury:

  • You are offered a settlement, and you accept the proposed settlement outside of court;
  • You go through with a civil lawsuit to collect damages.

Settlements are almost always offered when insurance companies are involved in a case and occur when an insurer or a defendant makes an offer of payment. The offer may be carried out before any lawsuit has ever been filed, but it may also be made after a case has gone to trial and a trial has begun, as long as no final verdict has come back.

However, once a settlement agreement is reached, you must sign a full liability release, relinquishing all potential claims against the defendant. When we settle the case and receive the settlement funds, we prepare a final closing statement and pay our clients. We remain accessible for any questions or assistance.

If you have more questions regarding settlements call our Miami based office The Law Offices of Sean M. Cleary.

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