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Personal injury lawyer Sean M. Cleary helps those who have sustained different types of injuries due to another's negligence.

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Miami Personal Injury Lawyer: Sean M. Cleary

Serious personal injuries occur as a result of motorcycle accidents (50,000 serious injuries and 2,300 deaths each year), train accidents (820 deaths occur in about 2,500 accidents every year), ATV accidents (97,200 injuries and 340 fatalities in 2015), and boating accidents (4,463 injuries and 701 deaths occurred in 2016). We have extensive experience providing compassionate assistance to families of victims who have suffered a brain injury and wrongful death due to someone else's misconduct. Sean M. Cleary is a highly accomplished personal injury lawyer representing clients who have suffered various types of injuries. He has many years of experience advancing his clients' legal rights in state and federal courts.


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