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Is it Better to Settle a Personal Injury Case Before Going to Trial?

Yes, it is always better to settle a case before trial but, unfortunately, personal injury cases seem to be settling less and less pre-litigation. A fair number of cases in Miami used to get resolved before handling lawsuits, but now insurance companies seem to force many cases into litigation by not making fair settlement offers unless a lawsuit is filed.

Settling means both parties involved in a case resolve their issues outside of court without a trial. The responsible party typically offers a payment to the injured party, possibly less than the initial amount asked.

When considering a settlement, our Miami, Florida lawyer needs to examine if it is actually in your best interest. Many times, a settlement might not adequately compensate your injuries and damages. The decision whether to settle or not ultimately belongs to you. Each time we have the possibility, we try to resolve the case before going to court. A lawsuit is a very stressful experience for everyone involved and requires time and money. Unfortunately, there are situations when we cannot settle, and we have to take the case to trial.

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