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We can help you take care of medical bills, insurance calls and obtain compensation from insurance companies after a car accident in Miami or anywhere else in South Florida.

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Miami Car Accident Lawyer

Miami is a thriving city commonly known for its role in finance, commerce, culture and international trade. But another notorious fact about Miami has more to do with the prevalence of serious car accidents that can potentially result in injury and death. The Magic City is the fifth most congested urban area nationwide and sees incredible traffic surges during the fall and winter when seasonal citizens and tourists visit to get away from the harsh Northern winters. Between heavy traffic and reckless drivers, Miami-Dade County sees more than 60K collisions reported every year resulting in more than 300 fatalities. Twenty percent of the car accidents that occur in Florida take place in Miami-Dade County.

Head and neck injuries can cause brain damage, paralysis, and even death. One of the major signs that someone has suffered a severe traumatic brain injury (TBI) is loss of consciousness. Even if severe TBI victims wake up from their coma, they have a long road to recovery ahead of them. Often, a TBI victim may not be able to regain his or her previous abilities and may have to change jobs or rely on disability benefits.

The potential results of spinal cord damage are: paralysis and loss of all sensory abilities in the legs and possible loss of bladder, bowel and sexual abilities after lower spinal cord injury and paralysis and loss of all sensory abilities in the arms, trunk, and legs as well as possible loss of function in the bladder, bowels, sexual organs, lungs, digestive system and more after upper spinal cord injury. Many of the victims of serious SCI require lifelong treatment, care and assistance.

Burns can change victims' lives forever as they may need months or years of medical treatment. They may require multiple surgical procedures, may lose digits that were too badly damaged and may be left seriously scarred and disfigured. For this reason, burn victims can also suffer severe emotional and mental effects, as well, which can keep them from working or even being social.

Some car accidents can result in the amputation of an extremity or limb of a victim. This can happen in different ways. For example, a person’s body part may be severed from debris from the accident, in a rollover crash, or due to the impact with a part of the vehicle. In addition, a person may have a bone that is completely and irreparably crushed or shattered, so doctors decide amputation may be necessary.

Damage to internal organs can result in the urgent removal of certain organs or the need for a transplant. In addition, internal bleeding can occur and doctors may have to perform emergency surgery to stop the hemorrhaging as soon as possible. Any internal organ injury can be life-threatening and can affect a victim for years to come.

Drivers frequently experience broken ribs in a car accident due to the unnatural forces of a crash and their fragile nature. Other bones commonly broken are arms, legs, hips, shoulders, and the pelvis. Injuries often suffered during a car accident include those to the ligaments and kneecaps which often require surgery and take a very long time to heal.

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