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If your family is dealing with a loved one’s brain injury caused by the negligence of another person, contact us for a free initial consultation to discuss the situation.

How Do We Help in a Brain Injury Case?

We apply legal and medical expertise to evaluate the extent of the brain injury and damage suffered, build a strong case for the other party’s negligence and compel a settlement on your terms.

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How Do We Handle a Brain Injury Case?

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Common Brain Injury Questions

What Should I Know When Searching For a Brain Injury Lawyer? »

Selecting a brain damage lawyer to represent you in your case is no trivial matter. Since the results of your lawsuit will have a defining, long-term impact on the quality of your life and your family members’ lives, it’s important to choose someone who is well-qualified. Your lawyer should possess the knowledge, education, and experience in this specialized area of medical malpractice law while also having empathy and compassion.

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How Do I Prove a Brain Damage Claim for Compensation? »

To win a brain damage case, our medical malpractice attorney will prove that your injury is a consequence of hospital malpractice. Our attorney will prove that your injury did not exist before the incident, that the medical care provider had a duty to care for you, that the doctor failed to meet that standard, and that the failure caused the injury.

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Why Seek Legal Action for a Brain Injury? »

Numerous expenses occur while getting treatment for a brain injury. If you or a loved one has been brain-injured due to someone’s negligence, an experienced attorney can help you receive financial compensation to cover the expenses involved.

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What Are the Legal Steps I Can Take in a Brain Injury Case? »

First, it is vital that you and your family establish a relationship with our Miami based law firm, to help us gather information about the accident and about how you are progressing after the brain injury. Then, we try to make sure that you are in the best facility possible to get the best care you need. Finally, when the case begins, we will work together very carefully to build up your case.

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Why Choose Sean M. Cleary and Our Miami Based Law Office for Representation? »

Our goals are to represent you to the very best that we can. We first establish a relationship, we're very honest and answer all of your questions. As we have dealt with many facilities specialized in treating brain injuries, we can make sure you are in the best facility possible to get the best care you need.

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