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We have medical experts that will evaluate the extent of the brain injury and damage suffered. We do our own private investigations and we collect evidence to support our case.

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Miami Brain Injury Statistics

Each year in the U.S., 50K people die due to traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), 230K people are hospitalized and survive, and 80K to 90K people experience the onset of long-term disability. As the cumulative result of past TBIs, an estimated 5.3M men, women, and children are living with a permanent disability. In Miami and the rest of Florida, over 210K people are currently suffering from a TBI-related disability. The number of people suffering from a TBI is expected to rise consistently. Each year, over 3K people die and over 8K people are expected to sustain long-term disabilities as a result of brain injuries. Effects of a TBI are associated with changes in brain function and can range from impaired thinking to impaired movement.

Brain injuries may not always be apparent immediately after a car accident, which can be problematic and dangerous. That's why you should seek treatment as soon as you can after an auto accident, even if you think you’re fine. Types of brain injuries that are commonly associated with auto accidents include:

  • Concussion
  • Post-concussion syndrome
  • Injury to the frontal lobe
  • Diffuse axonal injury
  • Contusion
  • Coup-contrecoup injury
  • Second impact syndrome
  • Open head injury
  • Closed head injury
  • Penetration

It’s vital to be evaluated by a medical care professional as soon as you can. Even mild symptoms after a car accident, such as a slight headache, can indicate there is something more serious going on. If you were in a car accident in Miami or Florida and suffered a brain injury, we will coordinate everything with a family member and help you get a proper legal evaluation and proper compensation.

Falls are an important cause of brain injuries especially in Miami, Florida. Often, people fall due to uneven surfaces such as sidewalks, curbs, or floor elevations or because the ground is wet or slippery. Tread-less or broken footwear could also contribute to an accident. Unsafe walking conditions usually result in more embarrassment than pain, but falls can be serious at any age. Conditions likely to lead to a slip and fall accident include, but are not limited to:

  • Ice or water
  • Oil or grease
  • Power cords
  • Loose carpeting or mats
  • Uneven surfaces or loose boards
  • Poor lighting
  • Debris or clutter
  • Dangerous holes in parking lots
  • Dangerous steps and ramps

The importance of getting prompt medical assistance after a head injury cannot be stressed enough. A CT scan or an MRI are the tests of choice to diagnose an acute injury that involves bleeding or swelling. If you suffered brain damage in Miami, Florida after a slip and fall accident let us evaluate your case and see if we can recover compensation.

TBIs can be sustained in physical attacks ranging from domestic violence to child abuse, robbery, and rape. Not only is assault the leading cause of TBIs in Americans between the ages of 15 and 24, but it's also the leading cause of brain injury death for children below the age of four. Brain injuries resulting from a physical assault are different in that symptoms of a TBI resulting from certain closed head injuries often do not physically manifest for a day or two, so prompt diagnosis and treatment is a critical factor in recovery. Delayed diagnosis can become especially likely in an emergency room where the medical personnel is unaware of the exact circumstances under which the patient was admitted.

Victims of assault and their families often suffer far greater emotional trauma than people suffering brain injuries from other types of accidents. Outrage, depression, and post-traumatic stress often result from the intentional infliction of abuse. Not only do these issues require additional treatment, but they can adversely spawn significant financial and emotional damage to family members as well.

When it comes to medical errors that can cause brain damage, especially in Miami or Florida where healthcare and patient care are poor, brain injury accidents are plenty and usually related to:

Doctors in Florida are expected to meet a certain standard of care for their patients. This includes quickly and accurately diagnosing and treating conditions, illnesses, and injuries. Doctors should use the necessary tests to find the correct diagnosis and begin treatment for their patients. Unfortunately here in Florida, negligent medical care can prevent this from occurring and may allow patients to suffer lasting harm.

The medical personnel who works with patients while they are being treated can include nurses, orderlies, physicians, therapists, and specialists working at any hospital or medical facility in Florida. With so many involved in treatment, it is important to keep careful records and facilitate communication between all the medical professionals involved. Strong communication can help prevent mistakes, which can cause painful or even debilitating injuries.

Inadequate training can also be a cause of brain injuries. Medical professionals who do not receive adequate, thorough training may be a risk to patients. Training can include medical treatments and procedures, but can also include important day to day protocols to protect patients from infection and injury, such as proper sanitization, bandaging, maintaining records, and other tasks.


How Do We Handle a Brain Injury Case?

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Common Brain Injury Questions

What Should I Know When Searching For a Brain Injury Lawyer? »

Selecting a brain damage lawyer to represent you in your case is no trivial matter. Since the results of your lawsuit will have a defining, long-term impact on the quality of your life and your family members’ lives, it’s important to choose someone who is well-qualified. Your lawyer should possess the knowledge, education, and experience in this specialized area of medical malpractice law while also having empathy and compassion.

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How Do I Prove a Brain Damage Claim for Compensation? »

To win a brain damage case, our medical malpractice attorney will prove that your injury is a consequence of hospital malpractice. Our attorney will prove that your injury did not exist before the incident, that the medical care provider had a duty to care for you, that the doctor failed to meet that standard, and that the failure caused the injury.

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What Are the Legal Steps I Can Take in a Brain Injury Case? »

First, it is vital that you and your family establish a relationship with our Miami based law firm, to help us gather information about the accident and about how you are progressing after the brain injury. Then, we try to make sure that you are in the best facility possible to get the best care you need. Finally, when the case begins, we will work together very carefully to build up your case.

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Why Seek Legal Action for a Brain Injury? »

Numerous expenses occur while getting treatment for a brain injury. If you or a loved one has been brain-injured due to someone’s negligence, an experienced attorney can help you receive financial compensation to cover the expenses involved.

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Why Choose Sean M. Cleary and Our Miami Based Law Office for Representation? »

Our goals are to represent you to the very best that we can. We first establish a relationship, we're very honest and answer all of your questions. As we have dealt with many facilities specialized in treating brain injuries, we can make sure you are in the best facility possible to get the best care you need.

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