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We have considerable experience representing victims of drunk driving accidents by coordinating our work together with the state law enforcement agencies.

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Drunk Driving Accidents

According to NHTSA estimates, 7% of all traffic accidents involve alcohol use, and 2.25% of all vehicular crashes involve intoxicated drivers. There are more than 54K DUI arrests per year in Florida alone, with as much as 40% of the people stopped by the police refusing to undergo a chemical test. A driver is considered to be under the influence when the BAC either equates to or exceeds 0.08%. The rules are stricter for underage drivers, qualifying their driving as alcohol-impaired at a BAC of 0.02%. In Miami-Dade, in the past four years, DUI arrests have been down a staggering 65% from four years earlier. Miami’s numbers have also declined a lot, the number of people arrested on DUI charges seeing a 31% decrease.


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How Much Does a DUI Attorney Cost? »

If you were a victim of a DUI accident, you will need a personal injury attorney who will work on a contingency fee, which means that he will only be paid if and when you win the case.

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Are Teenagers More Likely to Be in a Drunk Driving Accident? »

Yes, statistics show that teenagers and young adults are more likely to be in a drunk driving accident. Weekend nights and official holidays are especially risky, and former DUI offenders are more likely to relapse. Also, statistics show male drivers aged 21 through 50 are more likely to cause drunk driving accidents than female drivers.

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