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How to File a Third-Party Car Insurance Claim?

A third party car accident claim is made against someone else’s insurance company, for example when you file a claim against the other party's insurer or when third parties like manufacturers, parts makers, designers and repair shops may be liable for the accident.

When you file a car insurance claim, it can be either a first party claim or a third party claim. A first-party claim involves your insurance company, while a third party claim involves the insurance company of the other driver.

If the other driver has proper insurance and he or she was at fault for the accident, you, as a victim, can contact his insurance company, notify it about the event and require it to pay your damages. If you choose this option, your insurance company will not be involved in the event.

If however, the other driver does not have insurance, has inadequate insurance or you are partially at fault for the auto accident, filing a first party claim is the right option.

Florida has adopted no-fault insurance in an attempt to reduce the number of third-party claims and lawsuits between motorists. If a person is injured in a car accident, his insurance company will pay for his medical expenses up to the limits specified in the PIP endorsement of his personal auto policy, regardless of fault. If the other driver is at fault, the other driver's company is required to pay for property damage.

If you suffered severe injuries, you're not limited to making a PIP claim under your own policy. You can hold the at-fault driver responsible for the accident via a third-party car insurance claim and you can pursue compensation for non-economic losses, like pain and suffering. Florida’s no-fault system does not apply to vehicle damage claims after a car accident. In case that you were seriously injured in a car accident there are a few essential steps you need to take:

  • Visit a physician right after the accident for a thorough examination which will determine your condition and the severity of your injuries.
  • Try to evaluate all your losses, all the expenses incurred as a result of bodily injuries, property damage or other types of losses.
  • If your injuries are serious, we recommend that you seek the help of an experienced personal injury lawyer.
  • The at-fault party's insurer will most probably contact you after the car accident, and try to offer you a deal.  Don’t accept any premature settlements, provide as little information as possible and do not sign anything.

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