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If you went to the emergency room at a hospital in Miami or Florida, and were misdiagnosed and sent home or had an unnecessary procedure contact us and we will evaluate your case.

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We conduct a thorough investigation of the factors leading to your injury. We'll investigate medical charts, staff records, and video surveillance footage in seeking answers.

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Each year, 8.7 million people visit the emergency rooms (ER) in Florida hospitals, but many of these ER visits result in medical malpractice and misdiagnosis. The constant interruptions ER physicians experience are linked to a predisposition to committing medical errors. Researchers found that the average local hospital ER doctor in Miami, Florida may treat as many as 12 patients at once, and interact with up to 101 individuals in a normal 2-hour period. In Florida, the average length of time spent directly with the patient was found to be only 6 minutes in hospitals, as compared to 55 minutes spent on indirect care. These frequent interruptions cause ER physicians to switch tasks and leave tasks incomplete.


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What Can I Do If the Hospital Wants to Settle to Avoid a Lawsuit in an ER Malpractice Case? »

In a case of medical malpractice, your attorney should contact the defense lawyer early on and determine if they are willing to settle and how much they are willing to offer. Settlements are cheaper than court cases; however, if you choose to go to court, losing is a possibility. Get your attorney’s advice.

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Who Should I Sue in an Emergency Room Malpractice Case? »

Hospitals are responsible for malpractice cases involving their employees. In some cases, the doctor not employed, but contracted to administer certain services is liable for malpractice. In the ER, most often hospitals are held responsible for the medical malpractice of all ER practitioners.

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How Much Can I Expect from an ER Malpractice Lawsuit in Miami? »

Each case has an individual set of circumstances and merits. An attorney can estimate the correct compensation for medical treatment, lost wages, pain and suffering, unitive charges etc. There are also state-imposed caps on damages. A case settled out of court will obtain on average almost half the amount of court awards.

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