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If you went to the emergency room at a hospital in Miami or Florida and were misdiagnosed or underwent unnecessary procedures, please contact our law firm and we will gladly evaluate your situation.

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Emergency Room Malpractice in Miami

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Annually, 8.7 million people visit the emergency rooms in Florida hospitals, but numerous of these visits result in medical malpractice and misdiagnosis. The constant interruptions emergency room physicians experience are linked to a predisposition to committing medical errors.

Researchers found that the average local hospital emergency room doctor in Miami may treat as many as 12 patients at once and interact with up to 101 individuals in a period of 2 hours. In Florida, the average length of time spent directly with the patient was found to be only 6 minutes, as compared to 55 minutes spent on indirect care. These frequent interruptions cause ER physicians to rapidly switch tasks, therefore leaving work incomplete.

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