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In the defect investigation process following the car accident, we consult with experts on software and systems engineering of the car, electronics, hardware, and human factors.

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The rise in technologically advanced vehicles is causing a raft of new types of car and component recalls. Today's cars contain many electronic components with over 100M lines of code. When there is that much new software in a car, there is no doubt that errors are present. There is a surge in the field incidents reported by car makers related to electronics involving injury or death. Investigations triggered by these incidents turn into car recalls. In the last four years, the rate of software-related car recalls has risen from under 5% of all recalls to 15%. General Motors alone has recalled nearly 4.3M vehicles worldwide for multiple software defects in their cars.


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If your car accident was caused by another driver or by a defective car part, the fact that your seat belt was not fastened at the time cannot be used in the guilty party’s defense. Also, you may have a medical certificate stating you have an affection preventing you from wearing the seatbelt.

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