How Much Is a Knee Replacement Lawsuit Worth?

An unsuccessful knee replacement surgery warrants a professional investigation, as it can cause serious injuries and require new surgery. If you suspect the failure may be due to negligence or a defective product, contact an experienced attorney who can assess what compensation you are owed and by whom.

Knee replacement surgery is the most common type of joint replacement intervention in the United States. If the implants or the surgery fail, patients are injured.

A failed knee implant surgery can cause severe pain, serious injuries, physical disorders, and it also leads to the necessity of a new surgical intervention to replace the knee. This kind of situation can appear as a result of medical negligence or defective knee implants and are a risk to your health and safety. These medical mistakes often happen when doctors or the manufacturers are negligent, ignorant, understaffed, or are just overwhelmed by the situation.

Filing a Defective Knee Replacement Lawsuit

A knee replacement surgery that has not been a success can be a good reason to undertake a professional investigation to discover what happened. If you decide to take this case to court, it is important that you know very clearly what sort of implant was used in the surgery and that you have the medical records from the surgical intervention.

Jury awards in knee injury cases can wildly vary and are settled based on:

  • The severity of the sustained injury
  • Whether there was a pre-existing condition that contributed to the injury.

Every case is different and has a multitude of factors that need to be taken into account when valuing the appropriate types of claims. This being said, a single case or even a group of cases cannot necessarily be used as a standard in order to assess the value of your claim. Severe damages can be awarded up to $200,000 or even more, depending on:

  • Evidentiary factors
  • Medical documentation
  • Nature of damage inflicted
  • Out of pocket expenses
  • Calculation of future losses

When a medical mistake was made it is of high importance to report it, even more, if it gives rise to severe damage. Medical errors have to be spotted and communicated in the interest of improving our health care system; therefore, if you find yourself in such a situation do not hesitate to contact a personal injury lawyer.

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