Can any attorney handle my maritime injury case?

While any attorney licensed to practice law in Florida technically can handle a maritime injury case, the complexity of marine law calls for specialized legal experts.

Maritime law is very specialized, so only maritime lawyers can handle injury cases expertly. They must be well-versed in international, federal, and state laws to understand the nuances of admiralty law and interpret and apply these laws to individual cases.

Maritime attorneys with extensive experience can handle multilayered naval injury cases, including those involving:

  • boating accidents
  • cruise ship injuries
  • offshore accidents
  • commercial disputes

Maritime injury cases involve a distinct set of laws, regulations, and precedents significantly different from other areas of personal injury law. A lawyer in this field must know the specifics of marine insurance, marine pollution, and employee compensation, among other ramifications. Also, maritime injury attorneys must know about foreign corruption and understand anti-bribery provisions described by the United States Department of Justice.

A specialized attorney’s help can be decisive for your maritime injury case

Applying maritime law requires a deep understanding of international treaties and conventions, often involving international water laws. Moreover, countries may have distinct maritime regulations, further deepening the complexity levels of legal proceedings. Lawyers with experience in this field are competent in areas such as:

  • shipping and commerce
  • personal injuries at sea
  • environmental protection to maritime liens
  • salvage rights
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