What happens if more than one party shares responsibility for the death?

If multiple parties are responsible for the wrongful death, each of them will face a charge based on separate allegations of responsibility.

If multiple parties are responsible for the death of your family member, each individual charge is based on separate allegations of responsibility in the wrongful death lawsuit.

Matters of accountability and liability in wrongful death lawsuits can be very complicated when multiple defendants are named. However, with the assistance of a diligent and experienced attorney, your wrongful death lawsuit can be successful.

In a wrongful death lawsuit, multiple defendants may be involved when several parties contributed to the circumstances leading to the fatal incident. Defendants could include persons, businesses, government entities, or a combination of these. For instance, if a fatal car accident occurred due to a negligent driver, but the vehicle was poorly maintained by a negligent car manufacturer, both the driver and the manufacturer could be named as defendants.

Florida follows the principle of “joint and several liability” in wrongful death cases with more than one defendant. This means that each defendant can be held responsible for the entire amount of damages awarded, no matter their percentage of fault. If one defendant is unable to pay their portion of the judgment, the other defendants might be required to cover the shortfall. Wrongful death cases with multiple defendants can present unique challenges, including:

  • Determining liability share: Allocating fault among the defendants requires a thorough investigation and analysis of evidence. This process can be complex and intricate.
  • Differing defense strategies: Each defendant may have different arguments and defenses, making the case more complex for the plaintiff.
  • Insurance coverage: Some defendants may be insured, while others may not have proper coverage, potentially affecting the recovery for the plaintiff.
  • Lengthy litigation: Cases involving multiple defendants usually take longer to resolve due to the additional complexities.

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