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Surgical Errors

Every year over 4K patients who undergo surgery are injured from a surgical error. It’s estimated that around the country, wrong-site incidents occur up to 40 times per week. Wrong-site incidents are surgery errors considered among the most serious in Florida. Since 2012, medical facilities in Florida have reported 315 wrong-site incidents to the Agency for Healthcare Administration. However, doctors only received discipline in approximately 1 out of 3 incidents. In the U.S., over the course of 20 years, there were over 9.7K paid malpractice claims which cost over $1.3 billion. 59% of victims suffered temporary injury, 33% had permanent injuries, and 6.6% of cases lead to wrongful death.


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Common Medical Procedures Questions

What Is Surgical Malpractice? »

A medical or surgical error malpractice case is an act of negligence done to a patient by a member of the medical staff involved in the surgical procedure. You have a case when the doctor or anyone from the staff makes a mistake that leads to injury, movement loss, financial loss, or other loss of any kind.

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What Are The First Steps Taken In a Surgical Malpractice Case? »

The essential steps in a medical malpractice case are demonstrating the medical standard of care, what a relatively experienced surgeon would have done under comparable situations, then showing how the surgeon in the instant case didn't match that standard in performing the medical procedure.

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Is Delaying Medication Administration or Diagnosis a Malpractice Case? »

Medical malpractice includes conditions caused by delayed administration of medication and delayed diagnosis. Acting at the right time is critical in many cases, and failure to do so can cause injury and even death. If you were negligently treated, you have the right to sue.

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What Are Surgical Errors? »

Surgical errors are preventable errors made during surgery, such as negligence in manipulating surgical tools, performing surgery on the wrong part of the body, injuring a nerve, anesthesia-related mistakes, leaving surgical accessories inside the body or even operating on the wrong patient.

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What Are The Obstacles In Having a Successful Surgical Malpractice Case? »

A successful medical malpractice claim usually depends on the strength of the evidence showing serious consequences deriving from a medical error. If you do not collect all records, including medical bills, witness information, etc., and if you do not select your attorney carefully, you may fail to recover significant damages.

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