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If you were injured while undergoing any type of surgery or if you have a family member who lost their life during a surgical procedure, you deserve to receive financial compensation. To review your case, please contact our experienced law firm.

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Injuries From Surgical Errors in Miami

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Every year, over 4.000 people who undergo surgery in the U.S. end up injured, meaning there are about 40 surgical errors every week.

Since 2012, medical facilities in Florida have reported 315 wrong-site incidents to the Agency for Healthcare Administration, but only 1 in 3 surgeons was disciplined for their mistakes.

Over the course of 20 years, there were more than 9.700 paid malpractice claims throughout the U.S., which cost over $1.3 billion.

Nearly 60% of the victims suffered a temporary injury, 33% ended up permanently injured, while 6.6% of the cases led to wrongful death.

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