How much compensation can I get for an amputation in Miami?

If just got into an accident, are hurt, and are trying to find the value of your case, you can look at the similar cases below. However, the amount of compensation you can get for an amputation depends on the particular aspects of your case and you really do not know what your claim is until you reach maximum medical improvement.

If you suffered an injury that required amputation due to someone else's negligent actions you may be wondering if you're entitled to compensation for what happened to you.

The loss of a digit or limb is traumatic. Nothing can repair what is lost, however, legal settlements may help bring you and your family a sense of closure, defray out-of-pocket medical costs, and provide compensation for loss of past and future income.

Although the amount you can legally claim depends on your particular circumstances, several successful amputation settlements reached recently can be informative:

  • A Florida man who developed an infection and had his leg amputated after he underwent knee replacement surgery received an $11.9 million verdict
  • A Florida woman who suffered amputations as the result of a medication delay received a $15.9 million jury verdict
  • A man whose arm was partially amputated at a metal fabrication plant settled his products liability claims against 5 companies for $5 million
  • A child whose right leg had to be amputated due to complications from a tonsillectomy had his medical malpractice suit settlement of $12.5 million approved by a superior court judge
  • A man whose legs had to be amputated below the knee due to necrosis after a van that was improperly parked on the street ran over it settled for $1.3 million
  • A man who lost part of his toe and foot as a result of a rollover lawnmower accident was awarded $2.3 million by a jury, $1.5 million for pain and suffering, $300,000 for disfigurement, and his wife was awarded $500,000 for loss of consortium
  • A woman whose leg had to be amputated due to ER medical malpractice after being hospitalized received a $4.7 million verdict
  • A man who had a below the knee amputation of both his right and left leg because he developed an infection after a surgeon performed an ankle/foot surgery on him received a $1 million settlement
  • A woman who required amputation above the knee of both of her legs after she was receiving care and diagnosed with pneumonia received a $13.75 million jury verdict
  • A man had his arm amputated after a radiologist misread a CT scan of his arm and shoulder received a $2.8 million verdict

Factors that influence the value of amputation cases

Various factors are influencing the compensation you can get for amputation, such as the value of:

  • Medical expenses. Compensation for medical bills is easier to predict because these damages will mostly be based on the amount you demonstrate you paid and will continue to pay
  • Loss of present and future earnings. The defendant could be liable for the full extent of lost wages or diminished earning capacity if the amputation temporarily or permanently prevents you from working
  • Emotional stress and pain and suffering. Monetary predictions for subjective, less concrete damages are estimated based on awards in similar amputation cases
  • Inability to pursue any recreational activities you were enjoying before the injury. If you are a very active person, your damages based on the loss of quality of life will likely be higher in the eyes of a jury than if you had been relatively physically inactive before the amputation
  • Future financial loss caused by ongoing treatment
  • The cost of prosthetics

If you have had a limb amputated as the result of a car accident, a defective product, medical malpractice, or other types of accidents, we can help. We understand the lifelong impact that can come with amputation and how important is for you to recover full compensation for your damages. Get in touch with us to schedule a free and confidential consultation today.

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