How to Avoid Getting Into a Car Accident in Miami

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Miami's unique combination of residents, poor strategic planning on the part of the county, and a lack of public transportation make for especially unbearable motor transportation. This also makes way for human error - whether it's a pedestrian accident or a DUI incident. Surely you must know someone in Miami who was hit in a car accident, whether it was:

  • A fender bender
  • A driver who ran a stop sign
  • A backing collision
  • A driverless car that fell off a tow truck

Human error is the leading cause of all car accidents, so, in most cases, the basics for avoiding a car accident are to:

  • Respect traffic regulations and posted speed limits
  • Avoid distractions while driving, concentrate on driving
  • Don't drink and drive; call a cab or stay overnight
  • Avoid driving aggressively
  • Ensure all occupants use seat belts or are in child seats
  • Yield the right of way to emergency vehicles

Additionally, it's also essential to:

  • Pay attention to the roadways
  • Keep your car in good shape
  • Know your car's limitations

Pay Attention to the Road - Car Accidents in Florida Can Be Fatal

Standard safety measures are helpful allies, but you may not always be able to avoid a car accident when navigating Miami's congested roads and dispersed neighborhoods. Knowing some of the frequent causes of accidents can also help you take precautions. So, here are some situations to be mindful of, and please, drive safely:

  • Drivers who don't use a turn signal when changing lanes:?This may include most people in Miami because most people won't let you change lanes if you signal.
  • Drivers who treat the yellow light as a challenge and all stop signs as mere suggestions: When they don't make the yellow, they'll come to a screeching halt and then put their car in reverse. They'll never stop at a red light to make a right turn and will attempt to turn even as incoming traffic inches closer.
  • Drivers who cut past a person taking too long to make a left on yellow: They make a right turn from the middle lane or stop abruptly to switch lanes.
  • Drivers who drive over the speed limit on the highway or under the speed limit in the left lane on I-95.
  • Drivers who plow through Express Lane markers on I-95 or, when an exit lane is backed up, drive in the next lane, then cut someone off just before the off-ramp.
  • Drivers who ignore the school zone: They don't notice any fluorescent yellow signs and don't acknowledge the schools nearby.

Injured in a Car Accident in Miami? We can Help

Some of the most dangerous incidents on Miami roads are rollover accidents with a high fatality rate. In a recent year, there were 149 fatal rollovers registered in Florida, caused or aggravated by:

  • Speeding
  • Not wearing seat belts

Most deadly rollover accidents are single-vehicle crashes caused by motorists who drive at high speed and are under the influence of alcohol. Also, SUVs are much more likely to be involved in severe rollover accidents. One of the major causes of death in these crashes is that vehicle occupants get ejected from the car if they're not wearing their seat belts.

If you were injured in a car accident, the best way of protecting your rights is by having the best insurance coverage possible and seeking the help of an experienced car accident attorney. If you've suffered injuries in a Miami rollover car accident due to another driver's negligence, The Law Offices of Sean M. Cleary can efficiently investigate and represent your case.

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