Girl Left with Brain Injury After Heart Surgery

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When a baby suffers a brain injury, it causes devastation in the family and the tragedy comes with emotional, physical, and financial stresses. Brain injuries in infants and children usually have lasting negative effects and may result in disabilities. Sometimes infant brain damage cannot be prevented, but other times it is a direct result of the negligence of a hospital or medical professionals.

It's easy to be overwhelmed and helpless in a situation like this, but we assure you that you're not alone. Our team has helped secure financial support for countless families who have been devastated by the complications of infant medical malpractice.

Brain injury sustained after heart surgery

Sean M. Cleary, Miami medical malpractice attorney, has recently obtained a settlement for a young girl who sustained a brain injury following an emergency heart surgery at a children's hospital in Miami.

The infant was born in the Bahamas with a very rare heart defect which meant she had to undergo a procedure immediately, but according to her mother, she was otherwise normal. In Miami, she had major heart surgery to deal with issues related to her heart problems.

During the operation, the medical professionals ended up stopping her heart accidentally for 45 minutes. As a result, she sustained a brain injury affecting her entire body. She also has other health issues due to her cardiac condition.

The needs of an infant with brain injury are many and they are round the clock. This settlement means that she will get the care she needs through her lifetime and is a nice comfort to her parents. Therapy sessions will add up quickly, particularly if the patient needs daily help or day-and-night nursing. The financial burden may weigh heavily on the family. The mental strain of caring for a beloved who has been injured so suddenly and severely is another burden for the family.

The cost of being a parent to a child with brain injury

Many suffer in the same way as a result of medical mistakes. Heart surgery patients can suffer brain injury:

  • From a doctor mishandling the heart or handling it too much.
  • From problems with the cardiopulmonary bypass pump doctors use to keep the heart and lungs going throughout surgery. An air bubble can escape into the bloodstream and travel to the brain causing an embolism if the machine is not clamped properly.
  • From severe blood loss during surgery.
  • From cardiac arrest during surgery.

For children who suffer from severe brain injuries, the road to recovery is difficult and long. Treatment usually begins with therapy to reconstruct and open the neurological pathways. Patients usually must learn simple tasks using undamaged pathways in the brain. Treatments can be costly and not all of them are covered by health insurance.

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The family of the child we have represented is pleased with the settlement, which goes a long way to ensuring her future care. If someone you love has suffered from a traumatic brain injury, contact our office.

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