Contested and Uncontested High Net Worth Divorce in Florida

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Navigating a high net worth divorce is challenging, and many individuals are not clear on how everything will unfold.

In a no-fault high net worth divorce state such as Florida, either spouse can request the dissolution of marriage should there be no prospects of saving the union.

A high net worth divorce in Florida can be either contested or uncontested. Things can be simplified if the spouses make sure to have a prenuptial or a postnuptial agreement in place to mark, in a straightforward manner, how the property and financial aspects will be handled should the marriage conclude.

The Benefits of an Uncontested High Net Worth Divorce in Florida

Even if there is no prenup or postnup in place, but both parties agree on all noteworthy aspects concerning their marriage dissolution, they can move forward with an uncontested divorce. This process will be easier and faster than a contested divorce, saving the spouses valuable time and money and safeguarding their privacy.

A joint agreement can circumvent the contention and stress of a lengthy court battle and give both parties more control over the divorce outcome. Both parties will need to sign a marital settlement agreement and attend a final divorce hearing.

With the assistance of legal experts, the parties may reach a peaceful agreement and avoid inconsistencies, omissions, or mistakes that can sometimes accompany uncontested high net worth divorces when it comes to crucial aspects such as:

  • division of assets and liabilities
  • alimony
  • parenting provisions and child support
  • attorney fees

Navigating a Contested High Net Worth Divorce in Florida

The court will intervene when the divorcing spouses cannot or will not reach an agreement. The distribution of assets, along with spousal and child support are usually issues that can impact the ability of high net worth individuals to obtain an uncontested divorce in Florida. Contested high net worth divorces are typically contentious, and the court process can create further tension between parties.

The period of time from filing or being served with divorce papers until a divorce judgment is lengthier when it comes to contested high net worth divorces. In the absence of a simplified dissolution of marriage, a contested divorce can sometimes take years, depending on the complexity of the case. Mediation is possible during a contested divorce, but if it is not successful, the trial is the only option available.

The additional procedures that add time to the contested high net worth divorce include, but are not limited to:

  • serving the divorce papers
  • answering the petition for dissolution of marriage
  • disclosing financial aspects
  • attempting negotiation and mediation
  • attending hearings on disputed issues, discovery, and trial

Seek Assistance from a Competent High Net Worth Divorce Lawyer in Florida

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Our seasoned Florida high net worth divorce lawyer can thoroughly walk you through the differences between contested and uncontested divorces and present the available options. You need to move forward with your marriage dissolution by knowing your rights, ensuring your interests are protected, and being clear on the necessary steps.

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