How Can a Dashcam Help You in a Car Accident

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Dash-mounted cameras have been around for a long time. These devices are currently everywhere, mainly because they can really come in handy in some troublesome situations. Still, there is a debate over whether drivers actually need dashcams or if they're just a trend.

If a single picture can be worth a thousand words, a video of the dangerous situations you see on the road every day can be priceless. A dashcam is a device specially designed to record everything that happens while you are driving. As soon as the car is started, the camera records the video directly on an SD card in a continuous loop. Some of these cameras are professional enough to record sound in night mode and even with incorporated GPS.

Whatever the situation, from a vehicle that cuts you off to a vehicle running into you, the dashcam records it all and saves it for future reference. Also, dashcams are not entirely useless when it comes to insurance since some insurance companies may accept footage as evidence when trying to prove you are innocent in an accident. If a certain claim becomes a dispute, it's a lot better to have more evidence than less.

A dashcam cannot provide a complete view of everything that happens in a traffic accident but can offer precious visual evidence that can support a road accident claim. Proof that can be used includes footage of unlawful driving, such as missed stop signs and red lights, aggressive and reckless driving, distracted driving, or even hit-and-runs.

Why Use a Dashboard Camera When Driving?

As currently dashcameras are widely used, we tried to figure out the main reasons why using a dashcam would be helpful:

  • You can get first-hand evidence of a car accident. This is the most important reason why millions of drivers decide to invest in buying a dashcam, as they are provided with real-time and efficient proof of fault in case of an accident.
  • A dash cam can help you prove a hit-and-run. If you're the victim of a hit-and-run, footage can at least prove that the accident happened, or if you're in luck, your dashcam may record the plates before the person who hits you drives off.
  • A dashcam can represent the perfect solution for undisciplined drivers. A dashcam can also be useful for reporting undisciplined drivers, as it can actually put innocent people's lives at stake. Most of the states have special programs for those who want to report bad drivers and make the United States roads a safer place.
  • A dashboard camera can come in very handy for worried parents. Parents can monitor their children if they are worried about a specific ride. As most of the cameras are now equipped with GPS, users will also receive information about the driving speed and the selected driving routes.
  • Insurance fraud prevention. Insurance fraud is one of the biggest problems when it comes to cars and traffic. Some drivers cause accidents on purpose, only to blame the other party for extortion. In addition to getting money from the victim, who has no way of proving innocence, these ill-intentioned drivers can also fake injuries to collect more money. A dashcam can successfully prevent these kinds of unpleasant situations from even happening.

The main reason for getting a dashboard camera follows the same logic as defensive driving. Even if you strictly follow all of the rules, that doesn't mean that others will do as well. Car accidents happen every day, whatever the reasons may be. This is why you need a professional car accident lawyer by your side who knows how to best use the evidence at hand for the benefit of the clients he represents. Especially when car accidents result in serious injuries that affect physical wellness temporarily or permanently. Do not hesitate to contact The Law Offices of Sean M. Cleary in the unfortunate event of a car accident.

Our Miami Attorney Can Help You with Your Car Accident Case

A dashboard camera can prove to be a wonderful investment, and at some point, it can even end up paying its own price by helping you establish authority to your version of events.

However, despite the peace of mind dashcams can provide, insurance companies follow different rules concerning dashcam footage. Some insurance companies accept footage, while others may refuse to consider it at all. Ensure you have an experienced attorney at your side to help you evaluate a dashcam video and expertly lead you through the claim process. Our Miami car accident attorney at The Law Offices of Sean M. Cleary has come to the emotional, financial, and physical rescue of thousands of people.

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