One Dead, One Hurt After Small Plane Crash in Florida

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Okaloosa County, FL - One person was killed, and another was seriously hurt following a two-seat private plane crash on November 17th.

The crash took place on Forest Road near Niceville shortly after taking off from Ruckel Airport just before 1:00 pm. Two people were in the small plane that crashed upside down.

The victims were taken to Fort Walton Beach Medical Center. One person died from injuries while a second was undergoing treatment.

To prevent the risk of fire from a minor fuel leak, firefighters removed the plane's battery.

The plane remained on the grassy shoulder of the road for a few hours, awaiting the arrival of a Federal Aviation Administration crash scene investigator. Because of debris found on the road, authorities speculated the plane hit some trees, but the crash was still under investigation.

How common are small plane crashes?

They say you're more likely to die on the drive to the airport than on a flight. For commercial flights, that's true. However, the risks are higher with small planes. Small plane crashes:

  • occur more frequently
  • usually have catastrophic consequences
  • occur for many reasons including mechanical failure, pilot error, and atmospheric conditions such as heavy storms.

The reason for a plane crash has to be thoroughly investigated. In the instance of mechanical failure, the issue becomes whether the plane manufacturer, engine component manufacturer or airplane mechanic was negligent in some way which caused the plane to crash. Plane accidents are extremely complicated legal cases and should only be handled by an experienced aviation accident attorney.

Verdicts and settlements for deadly plane crashes

The insurance and aviation industries have convinced the general public that most of the airplane crashes are caused exclusively by pilot error, when in fact pilot error is usually not the sole causal factor.

Our plane crash attorney combines an understanding of aviation maintenance best practices with a superior legal skill to identify several grossly negligent maintenance actions. Thus, he has helped families receive just compensation after terrible crashes by filing suit against the aircraft manufacturer, engine component manufacturer, maintenance company, or air traffic controllers to expose grossly negligent and reckless conduct.

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