Will Florida Insurers Still Process and Pay Personal Injury Claims During the COVID-19 Crisis?

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The novel Coronavirus, or COVID-19, has hit our heavily populated state and all of its counties. Whether you are in Miami-Dade County, Broward County, Palm Beach County, or Monroe County, our communities, where 27% of the population is over the age of 60, are uniquely dealing with the effects of the coronavirus crisis.

Since the outbreak, many organizations and institutions have been altering their daily practices.

As a result of these changes in working practices, there have been many questions from clients wondering how the crisis will impact their personal injury cases.

While every Florida personal injury case is unique and the COVID-19 situation continues to change daily, this post provides some insight on what to expect concerning personal injury claims and the claims process. Visit our COVID-19 faqs page to find out more about personal injury claims during the coronavirus pandemic.

How Will the COVID-19 Crisis Affect My Personal Injury Claim?

The Florida Office of Insurance Regulation (OIR) has notified insurance companies that they are still required to continue company operations during the COVID-19 crisis, including key insurance functions such as:

  • Claims adjustment
  • Claims payment

Specifically, on March 16, 2020, the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation Commissioner, David Altmaier issued the "Informational Memorandum OIR-20-03M To All Insurers and Entities Regulated by the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation". The memorandum states, "...all companies regulated by OIR are directed to review and update their Business Continuity Plans and/or Continuity of Operation Plans immediately. The plans must provide a framework for the continuation of company operations, including key insurance functions such as policy issuance, premium collection, claims adjustment and payment and policyholder service."

This news should reassure all those who have suffered injuries as a result of accidents or someone else's negligence. Do not put off calling your doctor or filing your insurance claims because you are worried that your insurance is no longer investigating and processing claims.

Also, despite the suspension of legal procedures, time-sensitive deadlines still apply because the courts are still accepting filings, and therefore, you may still forfeit your right to pursue compensation. So, you should continue to timely file your insurance claims and protect your right to compensation.

Will I Face Delays in Settling My Personal Injury Case?

Most personal injury cases end up settling before going to trial. However, before settling, many cases proceed through at least one hearing in a court. As the court proceedings have been largely shut down until the coronavirus crisis ends, your case may not receive prompt resolution.

However, when you have suffered serious injuries, you should think twice before accepting an insurer's initial offer. You may want to settle your case as soon as possible, but some insurers may try to exploit this situation by offering you an unfairly low settlement that will likely not cover the full scope of your losses.

Before you speak to an insurance adjuster or file a claim we recommend that you contact a personal injury lawyer. An insurer will be motivated to minimize the value of a claim and protect their bottom line now more aggressively than ever, as profits may decline as the economy struggles.

Will My Settlement Money Still Get Paid During the COVID-19 Crisis?

During these uncertain times, insurers may do their best to avoid rigid practices. Whether it means:

  • Communicating by email
  • Processing files electronically
  • Agreeing to make electronic funds transfers

Thus, you can continue to collect personal injury settlement money.

Free Consultation with a Florida Personal Injury Lawyer

You should call a Miami personal injury attorney right away if you've been injured as a result of:

Accidents can and will happen. You can ensure you receive full justice for your insurance claim by consulting legal counsel before speaking to an insurance adjuster.

While we're all doing our best to keep one another safe by keeping with the Stay at Home orders, folks still need to go out for essential activities: keeping up with medical appointments, purchasing groceries, and going to work. With all of the stress, unfortunately, accidents may happen when we take our minds off of focusing for just a moment. We know this, and that's why our law firm remains open and able to help during the Coronavirus COVID-19 crisis.

Our law firm can provide over the phone consultations. That means you can talk with a Miami injury lawyer from the safety of your own home. If you get injured in a car crash or while working over the crisis contact our law firm, we're able to help you and offer a free initial consultation.

Our compassionate team comprised of our Miami personal injury attorney and skilled support staff provides advocacy and counsel for the legal rights and interests of injured persons. We're driven by a commitment to our clients and to our community, and that is reflected in everything we do.

Accidents can cause permanent injuries that can have a significant impact on anyone's life:

  • Severe physical and psychological pain
  • Extensive medical bills
  • Dealing with the trauma

The initial consultation is free of charge. Also, we work on a contingency fee basis. This means that when we take your injury case, you don't have to pay legal fees until we're successful in getting you money. Some claims or lawsuits need to be filed before the Statute of Limitations, an impending expiration date. Call us or fill out our contact form at no cost or obligation to you.

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