Injured in a Rental Car Accident? Here's What You Need to Know

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Many tourists choose to rent a car to move around the city during their vacations. All those rental cars driving around Florida with drivers new to our area, as well as being new to our traffic laws bring worries and concerns about the risk of car accidents and serious injuries. In comparison with car crashes involving people driving their own vehicles, car rental accidents cases are considerably more complex.

When it comes to accidents involving rental cars drivers, it is of high importance to know who can be held liable and whether those injured are entitled to compensation or not. Victims of car accidents involving a Florida rental car may be very surprised to learn that they may not be able to sue the owner of the rental car when they cannot show that the company acted in some way that was negligent. Any suit brought against the rental company, based on ownership alone, would be thrown out of court.

Will the Miami Rental Company Pay for the Damage and Medical Bills?

If the victim of a car crash can prove the rental car company's negligence, the company can be sued. Car rental companies can be held liable for damages resulting from an accident involving one of the cars they provide, if the car accident victim can prove the rental company failed to train its employees properly, failed to supervise its workers, negligently entrusted the rental car to a driver they shouldn't have allowed to rent in the first place or failed to keep the rental car properly maintained.

  • Poorly trained workers. The law requires employers to train the employees according to their positions in the company in order to ensure their clients' safety. Noncompliance with this regulation makes it possible for the drivers who rent cars to file lawsuits against car rental companies.
  • Inappropriate supervision of the workers. Employers have the obligation of making sure that their employees' behavior will not result in potential injuries to the clients. If they fail to properly supervise the people working for them, they can be held liable for their employees' wrongdoings.
  • Careless hiring process. Neglectful hiring practices which lead to the injury of a client because of an inexperienced employee can be the subject of a lawsuit filed against a car rental company.
  • Negligent entrustment of the car to drivers who are likely to cause injuries to other people. Renting a car to someone who is not licensed to drive or failing to check whether a person is medically allowed to drive can be used against car rental companies in order to build a solid negligent entrustment case.
  • Improper maintenance of cars provided for rental. If the rented car has not been appropriately maintained or is subject to a defective functioning, the car rental company can be sued for the injuries resulting from an accident involving the respective car.

Involved in a Rental Car Accident in Miami? Our Law Firm Can Help

Cases including rental car accidents are quite complex and, consequently, it is recommended to hire a lawyer as early as possible to help you sort out all the different issues with insurance and liability and lead you to a fair result. Car accidents can result in a wide range of catastrophic injuries, from fractures and severe burns to disfigurement. These injuries seriously alter the quality of life and require tremendous amounts of money for medical treatments.

Sean Cleary is a Miami-based attorney that represents victims of accidents involving rental cars, whether they were driving the car or were just passengers in the vehicle. Our experienced attorney knows how to manage complex cases involving car rental companies and provides the necessary resources for investigations to determine if the company can be held responsible. Call 305.416.9805, schedule a free consultation and find out if you are entitled to compensation.

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