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Why You Should Let a Lawyer Talk to the Insurance Companies After a Car Accident

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If you've been injured in a car accident, you might think it's a good idea to deal with the insurance companies yourself, without hiring a lawyer. Think twice before you make this decision because it could affect your case tremendously.

We've seen so many people that struggle with the insurance companies, and worse the insurance companies had pressured them to sign agreements to settle.

It is harder for an attorney to take your case after you have disclosed important information or signed agreements with insurance companies. So, here are the main reasons why you should allow a lawyer to talk to the insurance companies instead of taking this responsibility.

Dealing with the Miami Insurance Companies Can Be Overwhelming

At The Law Offices of Sean M. Cleary, the first thing we do when we start representing you is investigate if the driver who was at fault is insured. When we bring a claim against the other driver, we're not necessarily seeking assets or money. Instead, we investigate if the driver at fault has insurance and we send a letter to the insurance company. Sean Cleary advises his clients to not talk to anybody about the accident except for a lawyer. Don't talk with the insurance company if they call to find out what happened in the car accident or want to know how injured you are. In Florida, once you hire a lawyer, nobody is allowed to talk to you, insurance companies are only allowed to talk with your lawyer.

When you hire us, you don't have to be worried about the calls; you can just tell the insurance company to call our number 305.416.9805. The same is true if the hospital or your own insurance company is calling you. We do the investigation of the case and handle those calls for you.

Involved in a Car Accident in Miami? You Might Fail to Access All Your Benefits

A lot of people don't know this, but in Florida, people involved in car accidents are firstly entitled to receive compensation from their own insurance company. They've already paid for the medical insurance that should cover the accident-related injuries by buying the policies for their cars. You should contact us to help you cover your medical expenses. Instead of using your medical insurance card at the hospital, you should tell the hospital you were involved in a car accident and give the name of your auto insurance company, that is the company that will pay your medical bills first. Contact our Miami-based attorney who can talk to your carrier and help you cover your medical expenses.

In certain, very serious car accidents, injured people are airlifted from the scene of the accident. They are transported to a hospital by helicopter or airplane. Sometimes, in these cases, the medical insurance doesn't want to pay for the flight. It's important to call us and get our lawyer involved early because you want to make sure your benefits are paying what they're supposed to. You need to do something when you realize your case is a very serious one before the insurance companies take advantage of you.

Anything You Say Can Be Used Against You

Our lawyer finds that cases become complicated when a person involved in a car accident starts talking with the insurance company on the other side or even his or her own insurance company. This can lead to problems because the insurance company is taking a statement every time it's talking to our client on the phone. They are treating conversations like an interview they'll use against him or her later. People, usually, don't know that.

The dangerous thing is that if you don't hire a lawyer immediately after the accident, the insurance company will call you regularly. If you start talking to the insurance company, even if it's your insurance company, you could compromise your claim. The car insurance companies are taking down statements as you talk to them on the phone, and they record you. All the information you provide can be later on used against you in a legal process.

If you don't hire a lawyer after a car accident, the insurer will take advantage of this situation and call you regularly to find out more about what happened. During the legal process, you might say something different from the details you initially provided and be held responsible for an inconsistent statement. The insurance company can then use the contradictory statements to undermine your credibility and the chances of getting a rightful compensation.

You're More Likely to Accept an Unfair Settlement Offer

One of the dangers people face when they start dealing with the insurance company in the absence of a lawyer is an early negotiation. The insurers will start the negotiation process soon after the car accident and offer you an amount of money that is usually lower than what you normally deserve. You may be tempted to accept that offer because you might not even be aware of how severe your injuries are and how much the treatment will cost in the future. It's very important to hire a lawyer so that the insurance company doesn't take advantage of you.

Involved in a Car Accident in Miami? We can help

These companies have to deal with hundreds and thousands of personal injury claims each year. Regardless of how moving or serious your story is, they won't treat you any differently from the rest of the cases in their queue.

You expect them to be fair with you but the insurance companies are urged by the need to solve your case as soon as possible and spend as little as they can.

At The Law Offices of Sean M. Cleary, we specialize in car accident claims, and we are always ready to take on a new case. We've seen too many people who reach out to a lawyer when it's too late. We recommend that you contact us as soon as possible at 305.416.9805 and let us handle your claim. We have the necessary skills and experience that allow us to successfully liaise with insurance companies and get the best outcome for you.

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