What to Do If You Feel like You've Been Misdiagnosed or Received a Delayed Diagnosis from Your Doctor

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Each year people go see medical experts with some symptoms and discover that they need a differential diagnosis, a list of the possible conditions that could explain their symptoms, in order to determine the exact cause for their medical issues. In the process:

  • They are asked a set of questions
  • They have to go through a series of tests

Medical professionals should use differential diagnosis just like true investigators would and should take any sign and symptom as valuable clues, always putting the most dangerous 'suspects' at the top of the list.

Can You Sue for Delayed Diagnosis or Misdiagnosis in Florida?

It is possible for medical errors to occur if the medical staff fails to consider all the potential causes of a patient's condition. As no guessing is allowed in the medical community, when a doctor makes a diagnosis without considering all the possible conditions, he or she gambles with patient safety.

The use of differential diagnosis may sometimes not be enough to protect a medical professional from being accused of medical malpractice, as making a diagnosis requires careful consideration. For example, if an initial diagnosis is actually a misdiagnosis, the doctor ends up treating the wrong medical condition, putting the patient at risk of serious injury or death.

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Misdiagnoses and Missed Diagnosis Cases in Florida

Many people believe that misdiagnosis and missed diagnosis are common issues in the medical practice, but a delay in diagnosis or a missed diagnosis can lead to serious medical problems and can be a real challenge in treating a medical condition. Both situations are recognized by our law as financially, physically, and emotionally harmful to individuals.

  • Misdiagnosis exists when a doctor gives a diagnosis, but it's not the correct one.
  • Missed diagnosis, the doctor completely misses the diagnosis.

For instance, a woman is reassured that her breast lump is benign, only to find out later that it is actually a malignant lump, and the condition she suffered from was left untreated for a long time. Misdiagnosis, therefore, exists when a doctor has diagnosed a patient with the wrong medical condition, although the process of differential diagnosis has been used.

Getting a misdiagnose is highly dangerous because it can lead to unnecessary, often quite harmful treatments. Moreover, wasting time treating the wrong condition means the actual condition will worsen, not to mention the financial aspects of it all. The most commonly misdiagnosed conditions include stroke, heart attack, cancers, aneurysms, meningitis, appendicitis, or tuberculosis.

Missed diagnosis and delayed diagnosis occur when a medical team fails to recognize a health condition at the time the issue presents itself. A good example here would be a situation when a person goes to the doctor with a rapid heartbeat and the doctor just assumes that the patient has a panic attack, giving the prognosis that the upsetting symptom will go away on its own. If the patient is actually experiencing heart failure or very high blood pressure, then the doctor has missed the correct diagnosis and medical treatment is delayed.

Have You Been Misdiagnosed in Miami, Florida? We Can Help

If you have been injured in a Miami medical negligence case, you know how devastating a medical error can be.

Usually, victims of medical malpractice find it difficult to evaluate their situation correctly. Thus, it is important to seek legal help, an experienced medical malpractice lawyer who can assist you in filing a medical malpractice claim.

We can help you determine who bears professional liability for your damages and we will fight to recover for you fair compensation.

In medical malpractice litigation, the responsible parties can be identified as the:

  • Medical personnel
  • Medical device manufacturers
  • Healthcare insurers
  • Government entities

Even if you are not sure if your injuries are indeed a result of a breach of duty, we encourage you to contact us and we will analyze your case involving health care professionals and thoroughly explain your legal rights. Our negligence attorney can help you file a claim against negligent medical providers.

  • We will gather all the necessary evidence
  • Determine the applicable law
  • Create a legal action strategy for your injury case

You have the right to expect the best standard of care from your healthcare providers and negligence and breach of duty can lead to medical malpractice lawsuits. The Law Offices Of Sean M. Cleary offers legal help to misdiagnosis victims.

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