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What to Do If the Manufacturer Won't Replace or Refund My Lemon Car

If the manufacturer refuses or fails to offer a replacement vehicle or a refund for a 'lemon car' it is highly recommended that you hire an attorney to help you sue. The so-called 'Lemon Law' provides legal recourse for the purchase or lease of a defective new car that repeatedly fails to meet standards of quality after a minimum of three repairs or 30 days out of service.

The so called "Lemon Law" protects your consumer rights by providing legal recourse after the purchase or lease of a defective new car which fails to meet the manufacturer's warranty after a certain number of repair attempts. The Florida Lemon Law covers vehicles sold, transferred or leased in the state of Florida, and used primarily for personal or household/family related purposes, excluding off-road vehicles, motorcycles, trucks over 10,000 lbs., mopeds and the living facilities of recreation vehicles. In order to qualify, a minimum of 3 repair attempts have to be made, or in other words, 30 calendar days out of service. The coverage period is either 18 months or 24,000 miles (whichever occurs first). If the manufacturer refuses or fails to offer a replacement or a refund for your vehicle, contact a lawyer immediately to discuss the details of your case.

If you win a Lemon Law case, the manufacturer must:

  • provide a replacement or a refund;
  • cover the consumer's expenses (including attorney's fees).

In some cases, the manufacturer can also be liable for a "civil penalty" of up to twice the consumer's damages.

If you suspect that you might have purchesed a "lemon car", call our Miami based office today, to determine if you have a case.

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