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Can You Get Maximum Compensation in a Car Accident in Florida?

If you want to get maximum compensation and all insurance coverage has been exhausted, then you could file a lawsuit to obtain an excess verdict against the driver at-fault. However, local civil courts are quickly overwhelmed by endless car accident lawsuits due to the high prevalence of auto accidents. Getting the maximum compensation possible for your claim in such a burdened system requires a lawyer's experience and knowledge.

The difficulty of obtaining the maximum compensation depends on various criteria, unique for every case, such as:

  • how much compensation you're looking for;
  • the severity of the injuries and the long-term disabilities suffered;
  • the amount and accuracy of evidence you bring to support the claim;
  • the type of insurance and the insurance limit;
  • the kind of insurance the other driver owns;
  • the attorney's ability to negotiate or to convince the judge or jury regarding the validity of the claim.

Considering all these factors, you need to be aware that the compensation you require and the one the court will agree on can differ significantly.

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