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If a family member has lost their life in a helicopter accident, please call us so we can investigate and evaluate if you have a case.

How can we help family members after a helicopter accident?

We investigate and privately asses all components of the remains from the helicopter. We are prepared to litigate and go to trial when it is in our clients best interest.

Sean M. Cleary

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Tragic Helicopter Crash

Mr. Cleary is truly a lawyer that you can count on to bring justice in your case. He was very courteous and dedicated his time to helping me file a lawsuit after I have lost my wife in a helicopter crash. My family and I are very pleased with the result and recommend Mr. Cleary's services for all those who need legal advice and professional legal representation.


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Father Killed in a Helicopter Accident

For trustworthy legal services, seek the help of Sean Cleary. Our family was devastated when we lost a member following a helicopter accident. We were recommended the services of Mr. Cleary and we are very grateful for the help we received. He is definitely a true professional, a man dedicated to helping others.


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Career Pilot Blinded In Plane Crash

I would like to thank Mr. Sean Cleary for his dedication to my case. His professionalism is unmatched, he is an aggressive litigator and a hardworking man. If you need legal counsel of the highest caliber and a trustworthy advisor, do seek the legal services provided by Sean Cleary.


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Disastrous Commercial Helicopter Crash

Clients were satisfied by Mr. Cleary's legal services.


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Julie F. - Google Review

I would highly recommend Sean Cleary. Not only is he a very knowledgeable attorney he takes the time to explain the law to ensure you understand every aspect of your case. He is also very sensitive to the needs of you and or your family during very trying times.

Julie F.

Google Review

Sandra P. - Google Review

From day one, Mr. Cleary had faith in my case. He paid attention to every detail with great professionalism. He did not shy away from any challenges and went the extra mile to provide what he promised.

Sandra P.

Google Review

Digna F. - Google Review

Highly recommended. Sean is smart, conscientious, detail-oriented and extremely knowledgeable in his field. Always gets excellent results for his clients.

Digna F.

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Miami Helicopter Accident Lawyer

According to statistics, over 2 million Americans fly on a daily basis, mainly on commercial flights. As stated in data collected by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) helicopters crash at a slightly higher rate than aircraft overall. The average for general aircraft accidents is 7.28/every 100K hours of flight time. For helicopters alone, the crash rate is 9.84/100K hours. Helicopters crash about 35% more often per hour in the air than the average aircraft, often resulting in serious injury. However, the death rate in helicopter accidents is 1.3 deaths/100K flight hours versus 1.4 deaths for aircraft in general.


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