Severely Injured by a Motorcyclist Going the Wrong Way

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"My name is Guilherme Cersosimo. I'm a drummer for Viper, a famous Brazilian rock band. At the end of 2022, I was the victim of a severe accident. My wife and I were on vacation in Miami, and while leaving the motel near the airport where we left our luggage and crossing the street to get something to eat, a motorcycle came fast from the opposite direction and hit me. After the impact, I fell unconscious to the ground.

When I woke up, I was in terrible pain because my entire tibia and all the toes on my left foot were broken. I was immediately taken to the Florida Kendall Hospital, the closest hospital to where the accident occurred. After sustaining two surgeries, I was supposed to be discharged but ended up spending nearly one month in the hospital."

Working With a Skilled Personal Injury Lawyer After Being Badly Hurt in a Motorcycle Accident

Guilherme's travel insurance expired the day he was badly injured as a result of the motorcycle accident, so he had to cover all the expenses, including the medical bills. Because the law is very strict when it comes to these cases in the United States, he knew we needed the assistance of a reliable personal injury lawyer.

Severely Injured by a Motorcyclist

Guilherme's brother contacted a couple of big law offices, but they didn't feel Guilherme would get the attention needed for this case. By chance, they consulted a professional from another field who recommended them the legal services of Sean M. Cleary.

Sean immediately made them feel at ease with everything that was happening. They finally felt they were talking to a real person, not just a lawyer.

Sean kept Guilherme and his wife up to date with every step that was being taken, guided them through what was possible and what wasn't, and celebrated with them every time they received good news.

For Guilherme, it was a stroke of luck within a stroke of bad luck to have found Sean. Eventually, with Sean's assistance, Guilherme received financial compensation from the insurance company for the person riding the motorcycle that hit him.

The Law Offices of Sean M. Cleary Settled the Claim for the Entire Policy Limit and Negotiated Down the Medical Lien

The compensation from the insurance company was too small compared to the hospital bills, so Sean went through a tough negotiation process with the hospital representatives. Sean resolved everything in the best possible way, settling all issues and obtaining compensation for Guilherme.

To everyone who travels abroad, we cannot stress enough the importance of getting insurance, as you never know when things like this might happen, and you will be left in a very difficult situation.

Still, if you find yourself in this situation, it is best to seek the assistance of an experienced personal injury lawyer like Sean M. Cleary.

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