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Lawsuits Against Cruise Lines for Mishandling the Coronavirus Outbreak

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Cruise ship injury claim

According to Business Insider, in February, in Japanese waters, failed quarantine and disease-control measures on the Diamond Princess cruise ship led to more than 700 COVID-19 cases, the respiratory disease caused by the new Coronavirus.

They also led to the death of eight people who were cruising on the passenger ship. Many passengers that took part in this expedition have decided to take legal action against Carnival Corporation.

Passengers filed a lawsuit against the corporation, alleging, among other violations, that the company failed to acknowledge the increased risk of infection, ignored best practices for evacuation, and violated their rights. Since the Diamond Princess, at least 35 other cruises that had sailed on various itineraries have confirmed coronavirus outbreaks.

As a result, thousands of cruise ship passengers and crew members working for cruise line ships had to battle with COVID-19. As we can imagine, it can be particularly devastating learning that you have this illness or having one's human rights violated. When struggling with illness and the cruise industry's violation of rights, you can seek justice and legal help by taking the line ship owners to court.

Coronavirus Cruise Line Lawsuits

Carnival Corp. - In March, a couple from Broward County, that went through quarantine on a cruise ship off the coast of California, sued the Carnival Cruise Line. The personal injury victims' allegations were that the Carnival cruise ship failed to take precautions to prevent a coronavirus outbreak while sailing, although two passengers that disembarked earlier the ocean liner had coronavirus symptoms.

The Grand Princess cruise ship, which is owned by Princess Cruises, part of the Carnival Corp. family, docked in Oakland, California, for nearly a week. The elderly couple from South Florida who was on the ship said Princess knew that at least two passengers who disembarked in February had symptoms of COVID-19. Yet, they didn't inform any passenger boarding that same day.

According to the lawsuit filed in California federal court, the couple alleges that the cruise line's negligence put them at risk of immediate injury and caused emotional distress. Also, before the cruise left port to go at sea, the company knew of COVID-19 outbreaks, including deadly cases, on other cruise ships.

To date, 103 people who had been aboard the Grand Princess have tested positive for COVID-19 and 2 have died. Other passengers have also filed suit against ocean liners as a result of their irresponsible response to the disease and wrongful conduct.

Costa Cruise Lines - On a different expedition, the case of a cruise line that allowed its ship to set sail although it new at least one of the vessel's passengers from its previous voyage had shown COVID-19 symptoms repeated. This time the cruise was Costa Luminosa and it set sail from Ft. Lauderdale on March 5, 2020. Although passengers reached out and expressed hesitation about traveling, Costa Cruise Lines dismissed their calls and misrepresented to them the national emergency and the vessel's safety. Costa cruises insisted passengers would not be allowed to cancel their trip without forfeiting the money they had already paid. After the vessel left Ft. Lauderdale, the CDC issued a warning that U.S. citizens should not travel by cruise ship. Thus, passengers onboard the Costa Luminosa have reasons for suing because they were not advised of this warning or allowed to go home and the ship continued to cruise the waters.

Hiring the right law firm to head a claim against Carnival cruise lines, or any other cruise line is key to achieving the result you want and need to move forward. If you're in need of an attorney due to a life-changing event on the seas, The Law Offices of Sean M. Cleary will take on the stress and task of acquiring justice for you and your loved ones. There is never any perfect way to deal with the pain inflicted by another's negligence, so seeking expert, experienced, and competent representation is integral to the fight ahead.

COVID-19 Negligence Lawsuit Against Cruise Lines

If you feel that, during your excursion, a cruise ship company failed to prevent a shipboard COVID-19 outbreak, you can file a COVID-19 or Coronavirus lawsuit.

Plaintiffs in the lawsuits currently filed allege that the companies that own and operated the cruise ships:

  • Knew the ships were infested with the potentially lethal coronavirus
  • Exposed passengers on the ship cruise to the virus
  • Failed to screen passengers and crew
  • Failed to timely implement quarantining and social distancing procedures
  • Failed to implement adequate disinfecting procedures

A class-action lawsuit related to the COVID-19 outbreak has, also, been filed. According to the law, a cruise line shipowner has an obligation to keep passengers and crew members safe on excursions. However, early investigations show that many cruisers allowed the new coronavirus to spread throughout their cruise ships' individual cabins and common areas, failing to meet their obligations.

The lawsuits seek compensation for harm caused by the defendants' actions, including medical expenses, lost wages, other damages for illness, and pain and suffering.

Were you or a close family member injured on a cruise ship? If so, contact our Florida cruise ship injury lawyer today for a free consultation. Cruise ship injury claims or lawsuits are usually subject to a short time limit in which a claim must be filed, so do not hesitate to contact our Miami attorney today. If you fail to take legal action quickly, you may be prevented from seeking injury compensation.

In general, cruise ships are considered common carriers, which means they are obligated to exercise a special duty beyond reasonable care to their passengers. Passengers have to be protected from physical harm. And cruise liners must exercise the highest degree of care to ensure this. They also have an obligation to ensure their passengers arrive in port safely. When the cruise liner fails to live up to the duty to ensure passenger safety and passengers get injured, the cruise liner may be liable for resulting damages.

We are dedicated to pursuing maximum compensation for injuries possibly caused by defendants from the cruise industry that recklessly exposed passengers to this deadly virus. If you suspect that you, or a family member, were exposed to COVID-19 on a cruise ship, we urge you to contact our cruise ship accidents lawyer at The Law Offices of Sean M. Cleary today about your potential case. Your communication will be held in strict confidence, and there's no charge or obligation for our case review.

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