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If you or a loved one was misdiagnosed with any type of cancer, we will investigate your case and help you get financial compensation.

How can we help after a cancer misdiagnosis?

We review the medical information prior and after your cancer diagnosis and use medical experts to testify as to why a timely diagnosis could have improved your prognosis.

Sean M. Cleary
Miami Medical Malpractice Lawyer

Florida has the second highest cancer rates in the nation, cancer is now the leading cause of death for residents in Florida. There’s an average of 100k patients diagnosed with cancer each year to the statewide cancer registry, the Florida Cancer Data System. According to the World Cancer Research Fund, approximately 20% of all misdiagnosed cancer cases in the US could have been prevented. Early diagnosis and treatment of cancer are vital for survival and prognosis. The journal BMJ Quality and Safety estimates that cancer misdiagnosis rates may be as high as 28%. If there is an opportunity to diagnose cancer and a hospital employee misses it, this delay in the diagnosis of cancer may be considered medical malpractice.


How we handle a cancer misdiagnosis case?

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