Miami Defective & Recalled Tire Lawyer : Sean M. Cleary

If a manufacturing defect contributed to tire failure car accident in Miami, Florida and caused injuries or death, seek compensation and get your case evaluated.

How Can We Help After a Car Accident Due to a Defective Tire?

When investigating defective tire cases we focus on proving a tire was designed defective, providing evidence of defects, and holding responsible the manufacturers.

Sean M. Cleary
Miami Defective & Recalled Tire Lawyer

Every year there are over 5K car accidents in Florida alone caused by problems with the vehicle's tires. In Miami, Florida defective tires often cause serious types of car accidents resulting in major injuries, like rollovers, with a 50% fatality rate. When the tire sidewall deforms, SUVs and trucks can tip over. Tire sidewall deformity is an issue that can also lead to another major tire defect: blowouts. Tire blowouts can cause drivers to lose control in heavy traffic easily. You and your passengers could be severely injured, also you could injure innocent pedestrians and passengers in other vehicles.


How Do We Handle a Defective Tire Case?

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Common Defective Tires Questions

How Can I Win a Defective Tire Case? »

In order to win a defective tire case and receive fair compensation for your injuries and financial damages, you must prove that you are legally entitled to financial compensation. Your insurance company may cover all or some of the damages, but a product liability claim against the manufacturing company can bring additional compensation.

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Should I Hire an Attorney for My Defective Tire Case? »

Yes, it is always good to seek legal advice from an attorney especially when dealing with a defective tire case. Defective parts, including tires, can lead to serious car accidents but involve complex legal claims. Large manufacturing companies have the resources to fight liability or make early settlements for minimum compensation. Contacting an attorney to represent you will increase your chances of getting maximum compensation.

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