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Exploding Vaporizer - Miami Based Lawyer,  Sean M. Cleary

If you've suffered severe burns from an exploding vaporizer (e-cigarette), we can investigate your case and obtain compensation.

How Can We Help?

  • We have the resources to go up against the vaping industry.
  • We have evidence about vaporizers that caused burns.
  • We can prove that vaporizers cause severe disfigurement.
  • We fight to get you the compensation you deserve.
  • We help you pay for medical bills and loss of income.
Sean M. Cleary

Exploding Vaporizer: Injuries & Compensation

Defective E-Cigarettes

Over 460 brands sell vaporizers with over 7764 unique flavors. The health risk associated with vaping is sudden explosion causing severe burns. Here’s what we know: 50% of vaporizer explosions are caused by chargers which are not compatible, 31% by batteries that are defective, counterfeit, or that overheat, and 19% by unknown or unreported causes. Exploding vaporizer incidence: 73% were charging, 27% exploded while being in use in the consumer's mouth, hand, or pocket. The electronic cigarette models that are most dangerous are the vape pens (come with a dangerous built-in USB port) and the mods (they use batteries that have wrappers that should be kept intact).


How we handle an exploding vaporizer case?

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Vaporizer safety tips and prevention

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