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The Surgeon Did Not Inform Me About the Risks of Spinal Surgery. Can I Sue Him for Malpractice?

Surgeons have to always provide patients with sufficient information about the risks of their surgery procedure so they can opt in or out in full possession of all data. Failure to provide information might justify a medical malpractice lawsuit. Get advice from an experienced attorney.

If your surgeon failed to inform you fully about all the risks of a spinal fusion surgery, you might have a case for a lawsuit. Your lawyers will have to prove that a reasonable surgeon would have given the missing information or that a reasonable patient would have wanted to find out the missing information.

The lawyer needs to convince the jury that if the missing information had been disclosed, a reasonable patient would have refused the spinal surgery procedure. Even if before the procedure you have signed an informed consent, this does not mean that you cannot sue the surgeon on the premises of lack of informed consent.

Mr. Sean M. Cleary will talk to expert medical witnesses to make sure that he can create a solid case with chances of winning. Spinal procedures are surrounded by controversy with a lot of disagreements between competent and reasonable professionals. However, Mr. Sean M. Cleary has been able to win many spinal surgeries medical malpractice cases.

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