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Sean M. Cleary, Principal Litigation Lawyer in Miami, Florida

I opened my law firm, the Law offices of Sean M. Cleary almost 11 years ago and since then I have been doing the exact type of practice that I have today.

Sean M. Cleary

Because law it's not just about trials and courts but it's mainly about people and their sufferings, we are constantly interested in the moral and ethical aspects of each case we have to deal with. Being people oriented has always been the foundation of our law office, and my team of assistants was trained to handle each case with integrity, honesty and a high level of compassion.

Over the last 18 years, Sean M. Cleary, owner and President of the Law Offices of Sean M. Cleary has established a reputation as one of Miami's experienced, highly skilled personal injury lawyers. He has helped numerous victims who have suffered injuries due to someone's negligence hold the responsible parties liable by compelling them to provide substantial compensation. Together with the moral aspects of each case, he has to deal with, Mr. Cleary is always concentrating on having good results in court. His entire working philosophy resides on having an open and flexible communication process with every client or party involved in a case.

Sean Cleary's legal acumen and professional savviness have always brought him success in winning many cases in court and establishing connections with the key leading people and experts from different areas related to the legal activity. His demeanor and ambition brought him and his law office the deserved positive reputation and trust.


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