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We are located in downtown Miami, Florida, close to the courthouses, on 19 West Flagler Street, only a few blocks away from the federal courthouse, in the center district of Florida.

Sean M. Cleary

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History and interesting facts about our office in Miami, FL

Personal injury lawyer Sean M. Cleary and his team work in Miami's Biscayne Building, one of the city's landmark places. Legend has it that FBI director J. Edgar Hoover once had his office in the building, interrogating famous mobster Al Capone and locking him up in the Biscayne Building. With its construction started in 1925, the Biscayne Building has 14 floors and is contemporary with Miami's founding father, Henry Morrison Flagler, who was the one that made possible the Florida East Coast railway's expansion, a railway that is still running to this day. It is situated in Downtown Miami, on a street that shares its name with Flagler.

At the time when it was built, the building was one of the tallest in downtown Miami; it lies close to the Miami-Dade County Courthouse, which makes it a very attractive office rental site for attorneys and government agencies. Another interesting fact is that average tenant occupancy exceeds 17 years. Being an important historical building, it has become a Dade Heritage Trust inductee in 2005 and is part of the Miami Historic Landmark Building roster. While it may be a historic landmark, the building in which attorney Sean M. Cleary has his office is also the first historic building to get Energy Star status in the Central Business District of Miami, in 2008.

Main Office Location & HeadquartersMain Office Location & HeadquartersMain Office Location & HeadquartersMain Office Location & HeadquartersMain Office Location & HeadquartersMain Office Location & Headquarters
  • The story behind The Law Offices of Sean M. Cleary resides in a beautiful entrepreneurial initiative that began in 2005 while attorney Sean M. Cleary was still working for a reputable law firm.

  • Passionate about the legal field and its complex aspects, Mr. Cleary accumulated valuable experience and expertise working as a personal injury, car accidents and product liability lawyer.

  • Having reached professional maturity quickly, he started to flirt with the idea of settling a law office in a period when he was just starting a new family. Like any high-flier in the industry, he always dreamed of having his own company with the purpose of helping and supporting people on any legal aspect related to their tragedies and injuries. And with the help and understanding of his former colleagues, he rapidly managed to start it.

  • Sean M. Cleary's office quickly became a reputable and trusted place for anybody who needed a professional in helping them with the hassle of filing a lawsuit.

    "Not only that our vast experience helped us to differentiate from our competitors, but also our moral support and compassion offered in each situation placed us quickly on the top of people's choices for legal consultancy."

  • Mr. Cleary believes that "people do not want to feel they are clients, they want to feel like a person" and for this reason, Sean M. Cleary P.A. is constantly concentrating on having a meaningful communication and show respect for their feelings.

    "Paying attention to their concerns, answering all of their questions with honesty and transparency has always brought us positive results and constant references."


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