The Staff at The Law Offices Of Sean M. Cleary

We believe in honest intentions and a highly ethical approach.

Our Experienced & Dedicated Legal Staff

The Law Offices of Sean M. Cleary have always meant good professionals and high working standards having in mind the best legal practices and procedures in the industry. Our staff is our greatest asset, and we are happy to have in our team talented and hard working people willing to do their best for our clients' success in a lawsuit.

Sean M. Cleary

Sean M. Cleary

Personal Injury Lawyer

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Yanet Gonzalez

Paralegal/Office Manager

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Crislaudys Lantigua

Legal Assistant

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Due to the complex aspects and uniqueness of each case that we have to deal with, we built a team of paralegals, legal assistants and law clerks who can cope with any legal situation. Together with attorney Sean M. Cleary and his vast experience, we have managed to create in time an excellent reputation and earn professional recognition from judges, courts, or other lawyers whom we have worked with.

We believe that our honest intentions and highly ethical approach used with each of our clients brought us success in winning so many cases. We know that every situation is different than the other and this aspect is always keeping us focused and motivated to find a resolution as quickly as possible and alleviate the suffering of the victim and its family.


Associate Attorneys & Law Clerks

The Law Offices of Sean M. Cleary works with associate attorneys and law clerks. These are current or former law clerks that have helped our law firm throughout the year.

Patrick Kalbac
Law Clerk
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