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If you or a loved one was injured after a car accident in Florida by the airbag, our lawyer can help you get compensated for injuries you suffered.

How Can We Help You in Case of Airbag Injuries During a Car Accident?

We will handle all aspects of your faulty airbag inspection, dealing with insurance and claims department, letting you recover after the car accident.

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Miami Defective Airbag Lawyer

According to NHTSA, 284 airbag-related deaths, out of which 180 were children, were recorded in a recent period of just 17 years. Airbags are intended to protect drivers and passengers in the event of a car accident. Defective airbags have been responsible for serious and fatal injuries to passengers in the car. They can deploy randomly, fail to deploy, deploy with too much force in any type of car accident regardless of speed. Young children can be particularly vulnerable to faulty airbags or may even be hurt when an airbag deploys. Children sitting in the front seat of a vehicle are more likely to be injured by a deploying airbag, especially when the seat is pushed too far forward.


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Common Defective Airbags Questions

Is the Dust That Comes out of an Airbag Toxic? »

Sodium azide, a chemical found in automobile airbags, could seriously affect your heart and brain if it gets released into the air and you're exposed to the dust or the gas that is formed. But the smoke and dust particles you see when an airbag deploys may come from other various chemicals used to make the airbag open and expand rapidly in the event of an emergency.

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Are Side Airbags (SABs) Mandatory for New Vehicles? »

Currently, side airbags are not required by law for new vehicles. However, in the future, manufacturers will be required to offer updated protection performance. It is estimated that side airbags can reduce serious chest injuries in collisions by approximately 25%.

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How Often Do Airbags Fail? »

Although airbags work in the majority of the cases, there are rare exceptions when an airbag might fail to deploy in a car crash or inflate accidentally. If you suffered injuries because of an airbag failure you should consider hiring a personal injury lawyer who will help you recover a full and fair compensation.

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