Why You Should Contact a Lawyer When Your Medical Insurance Won’t Cover the Cost of Your Airlift

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Insurance companies are supposed to help innocent people involved in various types of accidents pay for the damages they have suffered. The accident-related expenses these companies have to cover each year rise up to millions of dollars so you should not be surprised when insurers avoid paying for certain services in order to reduce the costs.

Even though most of the accidents do not result in serious injuries or severe property damages, one-third of all the accidents involve important injuries. More than 2 million people are hurt every year, and almost 40.000 deaths are reported in various kinds of accidents. When such unfortunate incidents happen, they usually cause injuries that require fast air transportation to the hospital in order to avoid uglier scenarios. What people don't know is that a five-minute flight intended to save your life will leave you paying for it for the rest of your life.

Costs up to $25.000 Per Flight

More than 500.000 patients are flown to hospitals by medical airplanes, or helicopters for severe injuries resulted from car crashes or heart attacks. While the average travel distance is approximately 50 miles, the cost of the trip can vary from less than $10.000 to over $20.000 per flight.

Ground ambulances are considerably less expensive, with costs that don't exceed $2.000. However, air ambulances are only called when the medical team on the ground evaluating the situation of the patient decides it is really necessary.

While the money issue is not mentioned at the moment of the airlift, a lot of patients recover and find out that they are left with a huge medical debt to pay. Insurance companies might cover the full cost of the trip or at least a part of the expenses, but this rarely happens. Only about 50% of the insurers pay the entire cost of the air transportation. Some of them even pay an outrageous amount of $300 for a bill of more than $10.000, leaving the rest on the patient's shoulders.

Don't let Miami Insurance Companies do Things Their Way

Dealing with such medical insurance problems without a lawyer on your side can be dangerous for you. Insurers will always try to pay a lower amount of money than your rightful one. When people face this kind of situations, they usually get overwhelmed by its complexity and end up accepting an unfair payment even though they have suffered extensive and severe injuries.

Contact Sean Cleary, the Best Car Accident Attorney in Miami

Do not expect insurance companies to be fair. Their goal is to solve as many cases as possible by paying as little as possible. If your medical insurance company doesn't want to cover the cost of your air transportation, it is recommended to have your lawyer involved in the case early. Knowing when to contact an experienced attorney to evaluate your situation can be crucial in getting compensation from insurance companies.

Our knowledgeable and professional lawyer can help you with your problem and advise you on the possible options you have, depending on your situation. Sean Cleary is experienced with Florida and Miami lawsuits and knows how to build a solid case.

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