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What Should I Know When Searching For a Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer?

Selecting a traumatic brain injury lawyer to represent you in your case is no trivial matter. Since the results of your lawsuit will have a defining, long-term impact on the quality of your life and your family members’ lives, it’s important to choose someone who is well-qualified. Your lawyer should possess the knowledge, education, and experience in this specialized area of medical malpractice law while also having empathy and compassion.

Traumatic brain injury cases are far more complicated and difficult than other medical malpractice cases. They can involve complex legal, medical, and insurance claims. Apart from that, the attorney you hire has to work with experts in various fields to bring solid key points and opinions to the court.

The attorney representing you must have substantial experience in solving similar claims. Working with an attorney with a successful background will give you the assurance that your case is in good hands. Before making the decision to hire, you should ask as many questions as you need to. Getting answers and feeling comfortable in the process is essential when it comes to choose the right firm to represent you and your family.

To determine if a lawyer is the right one for your case, you can ask:

  • How long have you been practicing personal injury law?
  • Have you tried or settled any cases similar to mine?
  • What is your win/loss ratio?
  • Do you have the resources to take my case to court?
  • What are some of your jury verdicts in similar cases over the last five years?

We would be happy to answer these questions when you meet with us for an initial consultation.

When we represent a person who suffered brain damage, we always involve the family. A traumatic brain injury is a very difficult situation not only for the individual who suffered it but also for the family members who are there to offer support. We always want to talk to the family and find out how the person is doing. Most of the time in traumatic brain injury cases, the family is going to be the best people to give the information needed to develop a case, information about the incident and how the person is progressing after their traumatic brain injury.

The brain-injured person has to go to therapy almost every day to get better. Therefore, the family is in the best situation, most of the time, to help us get the information, the documents, the medical records, and the medical bills.

We try to make sure that our client is in the best facility possible to get the best care he or she needs. Many facilities around the country specialize in these type of injuries, and as we've dealt with many of them, Sean Cleary likes to make sure our client is in the best facility possible to treat his or her injuries.

Sean M. Cleary has an experience of more than 18 years. Having dealt with numerous malpractice cases, he knows exactly what has to be done to obtain a positive result. Our primary goal is to help you get the compensation you need for your pain, medical expenses, lost wages, etc. Get in touch with our Miami-based law firm to find out more about how we can help.

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