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What Are the Legal Steps I Can Take in a Traumatic Brain Injury Case?

First, it is vital that you and your family establish a relationship with our Miami based law firm, to help us gather information about the accident and about how you are progressing after the traumatic brain injury. Then, we try to make sure that you are in the best facility possible to get the best care you need. Finally, when the case begins, we will work together very carefully to build up your case.

If someone negligently harms you and you sustain a traumatic brain injury then various kinds of compensation are available in a lawsuit. Medical, employment, and suffering are the three general categories, topped with other surgical and rehabilitation expenses the defender owes you. You can file two types of lawsuits, personal injury and wrongful death, in a traumatic brain injury case.

  • In a personal injury claim, the victim who has suffered the internal damage can be compensated for recovery expenses. If the individual is not in a proper medical condition to face the legal issues, anyone in the family or close friends on behalf of him/her can have full authority to do so.
  • Wrongful death lawsuit can be filed by the family of the brain-injured victim. Hospitalization, funeral expenses, and lost wages are the compensations the offender has to meet in such cases.

Get a free consultation with Miami's personal injury lawyer, Sean M. Cleary even if you are not ready to file a suit. Sean will offer an answer to your questions regarding, for example, the period in which you can start a process after the traumatic brain injury has occurred. We guide you through all the rules applying to your situation, and we explain every relevant detail.

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